I am the Lord of the Sabbath

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What is the Sabbath? Who is the Sabbath?


The world is a-plenty of terricola (Earth dwellers)….. that is to say, those persons who cling with their all to the Earth for their hope and substance. But there is a destination at the end of Earth’s journey that is of a promise not of this world,,,,, a terra incognito beyond the termination of this plane, silent to the hearing of the common crowd.

But this lack by the common crowd of perceiving and not being able to hear is not caused by a surreptitious act by God. It is, rather, that the non-responders to God are not facing forward to God’s Love but are cranked up backwards toward their mortal Earthly side and therefore cannot perceive God’s words of Love.

There is a good kind of synesthesia that, consciously and spiritually, can expand any sense into an additional sense capable of cross-over senses with usages of extra-sensory insights. Perhaps this kind of gift must rise in order for persons to observe things from angles never used, so as to jar backward mentalities out of complacency.

If all that could be known and utilized that lies dormant in the human mind,,,, utopia would not be far away. Therefore in Scripture and life are given parallel roads of experience as metaphors and shadows to allow insight for examples into truth.

Such a parallel was experienced by Moses and the children of Israel in the forty years they lived in the wilderness (compare Deuteronomy 12:9-11 KJV). Here is the story: Moses taught the children of Israel lessons of how to respect God and how to know God. One of those teachings was about keeping the sabbath; yet, with all the holy sabbath feasts and sabbath keeping, the children of Israel could not catch on to the meaning of their living parables (Psalms 95:9-11 KJV).

In the above-given Deuteronomy Scripture, it is being said that the people have not entered into the rest and inheritance of the Lord. The “rest” is tied together with the “inheritance of the Lord” (the Soul right that each human has from before the foundation of the world). For this cause every person born on Earth (John 1:9 KJV) has a Soul-of-Light Kingdom of God within.

The parallel and shadow revelation was the keeping of a natural day and the possession of a natural land. However, the spiritual revelation for which the parallel metaphor of the “rest” (sabbath) was given was about a “Rest” in the resolution of forgotten truths as belongs to the revelation of each person’s Soul inheritance and the name and person of the Lord that belonged to each person’s inheritance (Hebrews 4:9-13 KJV). I further recommend reading Hebrews 3:9-19, and all of Hebrews chapter four (Hebrews 4:1-16).

They were provided manna by angels preaching the everlasting gospel in their wilderness skies. They never caught on that this was angel food designed to keep the sabbath. This manna could be gathered any day of the week except the sabbath. As long as it was all eaten that day, it was eatable and good; but if not all used up in each day’s provision, it gained worms. However, a double portion was allowed to be gathered on the sixth day of the week to carry over for provision on the sabbath day; yet the manna did not develop worms.

On the sabbath day, no manna would appear (compare Exodus 16:1-36 KJV). Nothing on Earth keeps the sabbath like that, and that is because this manna was conditioned by the angels (compare Psalms 78:22-25 KJV). Sadly, the people who were given this incredible revelation did not receive it from the Lord and therefore died in the wilderness without ever coming into the Rest (the Sabbath) of the Lord.

The manna revelation is not finished; it is not just some relic, one-time freak happening from the past. It is still an on-going revelation waiting on God’s people to come into its message of truth….. It’s about the angels and the revelation of the name of God (compare Revelation 2:17 KJV). A present, vast multitude of people living today are also not catching on to the angel messengers from the skies who have a message for God for all the Earth. Yes, there are multitudes of people not keeping the sabbath and multitudes keeping the sabbath who are totally missing the parallel meaning of it.

The natural day sabbath is a shadow metaphor and does not have eternal significance except as it is a parallel to express the spiritual rest. When as the Bible predicts “time shall not be anymore”, timelessness will then not allow a metaphorical sabbath “day”. Even during the days of physical-sabbath examples, assigned Seraphim, being in the original divine “Rest”, divined day and night without ceasing and without observing any natural day, but incorporating their message, although in a natural environment, yet expressing spiritually (compare Revelation 4:8 KJV).

The Lord said: “I am the Lord of the Sabbath” (compare Luke 6:5 KJV). “Hallow my Sabbaths, and they shall be a sign between Me and you that you may know that I am the Lord your God” (compare Ezekiel 20:20 KJV). “I will ask you one thing: Is it lawful on the Sabbath days to do good or to do evil? to save life or to destroy it? (compare Luke 6:9 KJV). “In returning and ‘Rest’ shall you be saved” (compare Isaiah 30:15 KJV).

What is the Sabbath? Who is the Sabbath? The Sabbath is the day of “Rest”. The seventh day is the generation age that the First Adam was Souled and became the first man with a Soul. The Lord said: Observe the Sabbath throughout all generations as a perpetual covenant, for it is a sign between Me and the sons and daughters of God….. For six days natural creations were made, but on the seventh day a spiritual creation was chosen called Adam, who as a baby would be “refreshed“* (as in ‘to breathe’ or ‘Soul’**) as the Son of God who was the “Rest” (or as it may be said, the Foundation of Peace, because when Adam was being created, the angels knew this act was the beginning for bringing a solution/rest/peace for the redeeming of the fallen angels).

After Adam, the “Rest” was refreshed/Souled - the first man with a Soul life begun (*compare Exodus 31:16-17 KJV and **Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary #5314 [which refers to the spirit Soul type] and #5315 [which refers to the physical body soul type] Please note that #5314 is the root parent of #5315; therefore both terms mean “soul”, but #5314 is spirit Soul and #5315 is physical soul).

The revelation of the term “Rest” and “refreshed” has been lost. Certainly, God did not need to rest nor did AM need to be refreshed in the sense of the natural application of those words. So then, the meanings refer to the Spirit and spiritual side of definition. The term “refreshed” is a wonderful revelation that ties into when Adam was a baby, who had been cast away and was born of soulless people, how that he was “refreshed”, or as it may be said, “given a Soul”. This is equivalent to when the Bible says that Adam, already being a person, was breathed into by God and became a living [Strongs Hebrew Dictionary #2416 used as a shadow/type figurative of eternal life - compare Hosea 1:10 KJV paraphrased: You are sons of the living (#2416) God] soul (compare Genesis 2:7 KJV) .

So then, the Son of man is the Adam 1 life representation, and the Son of God is Adam 2 life representation of the anointed one, the Christ. The high-side of the Sabbath story is that the purpose of the metaphor sabbath is for a sign to God’s people to return to their lost status as Ophannim angels. Therefore, in one sense and application, Jesus as Adam, and Adam as Adam, being one and the same, is the Sabbath/Rest….. the Peace, the Healer, the Saviour who came to save us.

The Sabbath way is captioned by Jesus when He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the Life” (John 14:6 KJV). There are so many people that are into the law of the sabbath and have failed to understand the Spirit of the Sabbath. In Jesus time, the religious element forbade Jesus to heal the sick and do any spiritual works that didn’t fit their strict interpretation of the sabbath. Jesus proved them incorrect then, and the Manifester in Jesus name is showing those ideas to be incorrect now.

The Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Adam, said: “Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you “Rest”; come to Me, and you will find rest unto your souls (Matthew 11:28-29 KJV paraphrased). “For with a stammering lips and another tongue will He speak to this people….. to whom He said: this is the “Rest” wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest: and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear” (compare Isaiah 28:11-12 KJV).

“The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath; therefore, the Son of man is Lord of the sabbath” (compare Mark 2:27-28 KJV). The sabbath was made for humankind and wasn’t just another day made special and different as an after-thought. The sabbath was made as a guide to help fallen Souls find their way home again through the Son-of-God Adams.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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