The Sons of God and The Daughters of Men

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There were giants in the Earth in those days


I will open a long past insight to the puzzle of minglement between “the sons of God and the daughters of men” (Genesis 6:2 KJV). Once in the long ago, the Earth was surging with a population of Soulless humans…..humans of the genetic waters who lived long before the time of Adam, the first man with a Soul, and long before the Deluge.

Genesis 6 tells a story about when “the sons of God” (offspring of Adam, Soul people) who were in flesh bodies married into “the daughters of men” (Soulless people, created pre-Adam, lived until the time of the Deluge) who also were in flesh bodies; and I will refer to this *, but first let me manifest a portion of Scripture mostly not noticed or at least not understood: (Genesis 6:4 KJV) “There were giants in the Earth in those days; AND ALSO after that, [or in addition to the giants] when “the sons of God” came into “the daughters of men”, and they bare children unto them, the same [the children] became mighty men [not necessarily giants] WHICH WERE OF OLD, men of renown”. (Here, clearly, the mixture of genes and Soul and soulless marriages caused a genetic effect of “The Matrix Return of Shunned Creations”. This strange effect is also mentioned in Jude 1:4 KJV: “For there are certain men crept in unawares, WHO WERE BEFORE OF OLD ORDAINED TO THIS CONDEMNATION”…)

In vast numbers of people, there is a counter inset code of intrude genetically potentialed when certain changes bump a pop-up of it to come to life or to be passed on to another human being. This is nothing less than the work of the Principality of Darkness, Lucifer/Satan, put in place long, long ago.

The First Adam, was the Son of God (St. Luke 3:38 KJV). The same Son of God who was and is Lord over the whole wheel of the Ophannims. Adam did not fall or become a failed messenger (1 Timothy 2:14 KJV); but Eve, whose name was also Adam (Genesis 5:2 KJV) did transgress. However, Adam did take on the sins and transgression of Eve because of his love for her and as a similitude of his coming role as the Second Adam, therefore being the very figure of Jesus Christ who was to come (compare Romans 5:14 KJV). The role of the First Adam was to provide a physical transition for the fallen and failed Ophannim Messengers; the role of the Second Adam was to provide a spiritual transition for the same (compare 1 Corinthians 15:21-23 and Romans 6:5-7 KJV). It must be understood, as explained in other Manifester blogs, there were two groups of Ophannim angels that fell:

1. The group who remain loyal to Lucifer and have not taken on human bodies except by demon possession and are now called “demons” and “devils”.

2. And the group who have taken human bodies or will take human bodies with the chance of redemption. Although these angels were willing to come to earth as “a land of forgetfulness” (Psalms 88:12 KJV) and take human bodies knowing they would be in an state of amnesia; nevertheless, they did not willingly want to be made subject to sin (vanity) but were nevertheless made subject to sin in order to manifest their folly (Job 4:18 KJV) for the sin it was (compare Romans 7:13 KJV) that in their angel minds was difficult for them to personally conceive (compare Romans 8:19-20; also Romans 8:29-20 KJV).

The First Adam, as one man, came to provide a path for the failed Ophannim messengers to take through matter so their sins could be manifested as to the cause of their failure. Therefore, the Second Adam, as one man, introduced the opportunity of salvation to the failed Ophannim whose remedy for their sins was not only to go into matter and lose their memories of who they were, as introduced by the First Adam, but was additionally to find the spiritual path of return through salvation by Jesus Christ, the Second Adam. So it was planned for all the fallen Ophannim “to have a time and a chance” no matter how many reingenerations it took (compare Ecclesiastes 9:1; also, 1 Corinthians 15:44 KJV).

From Adam to Adam there is a similitude of figure: Adam One, took on the sins and disobedience of his wife Eve and possible others of his offspring and took on death by doing so. Adam Two, took on the sins and disobedience of the world, and believers were and are baptized to His death so they might also be part of His resurrection.

There are those who have said Jesus Christ failed because He didn’t father children as according to Psalms. Once Adam One is put into the equation, that thought vapors.

*(There are two kinds of soul: 1. “soul”, meaning physical body, and 2. “Soul” meaning spirit-Soul. The “sons of God” had spirit-Souls but the “daughters of men” did not.)

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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  • Elle Mitchell

    Elle Mitchell

    14 July 2014 pm31 22:41 |
    Perhaps the four rivers are from the marshes of Iraq as the Tablets of Sumeria state. Read: *** Updated: An Analysis of the Recently Leaked Sumerian Tablets Concerning Our Origins***. Will make you think at the very least. Sumerians had some interesting pre modern day scientific technology a hidden planet that was recently discovered... only they knew about it 3000 years ago. Hmmm.
  • Elle Mitchell

    Elle Mitchell

    14 July 2014 pm31 22:57 |
    Please also note that neanderthals existed as has been scientifically proven. They were wiped out upon the appearance of whatever we are.... more human and less hominid. For a tiny bit of knowledge on the subject BBC does a decent layman's documentary called "Neanderthals- human extinction". Perhaps it was upon the arrival of the God(s) that breathed 'life' into us. Gods and men co-mingling that gave us our souls. Perhaps.

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