Bible Study - Blessings and the Curses

After the “Golden Calf” transgression the thou shall Blessings which regarded the First tables were made invisible beneath the “curses” to violators of the thou shall not sayings. * * * *



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And after the breaking of the First Revelation Tables… after the Second Revelation Tables were made…

UNTO YOU WHO HAVE AN EAR TO HEAR WHAT THE “MEMRA” (LANGUAGE OF THE WORD OF GOD) HAS TO SAY: There are words unspeakable and full of glory which are undecipherable to non-believers who do not have a divine universal language deed title…complete with sacred codes. When truth unequaled in its presentation rises, it is not long before the ratios of that truth begin to tip the scales from negative syntones to positive syntones for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

The “First Revelation” to Moses of the Ten Words (actually, words of tens, Compare, Strong’s Hebrew Concordance #6680 tsavah [Savah] “in tens” a prime root, [translated in error to “commandment”], is just one of the deeply embedded truths hidden of clear vision to the hearers and readers of the Word.

WORDS WRITTEN IN TENS that Moses received on the Mount after 40 days of fasting and waiting before the Lord of the First Revelation were far superior to the “Second Revelation” of what has become known as the Ten Commandments.


Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis


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