Christians are Walking on the Edge of Salvation

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The power to be quickened is the secret to overcoming all of the plots of the Forces Dark.


Two blades are fixed in parallel angles, who are they who will choose the correct blade? Surly not those who are heavy stones of doubt, and who are often in postponements of thrust to move forward. They who are such, are but a sign to the FORCES DARK that they are not part of a major axis ready to carry the battle to the scene.

The FORCES DARK know when actions are but a mere trinket of curiosity. Believe this, that nothing divisible can easily arise in an individual who is truly given to know the truth. Being confined to a limit point, based on a formula of holding one’s assent to anything that reaches outside or beyond a recast of traditional primitive concepts, is a submission to a way of thinking that belongs to a finite mind.

They who are pioneers in the deep Word are the super Noahs of the times. They who touch this unifying power of God are they who walk in the mind lanes where the QUICKENINGS of the Holy Spirit occur.

Our Ophannim Souls being in the form of God and being attached to God as an eternal Love inheritance connection, never leave the First Domain, (The Heaven of heavens). Whenever our spirits go out from the First Domain to partake in creations in a new universe, we take on bodies made of terrestrial substance, and the signal of our Souls from the First Domain stays addressed to our spirits wherever we go. Even though we as Ophannims have fallen and now live as mortals on the planet Earth in a state of lost memory, we still are connected as a Soul root derivative to God.

So then let it be said: many manifold spans of ages ago we mortals as Ophannim angels abode with I-AM the ultimate invisible God. Such is our awesome inheritance. When your struggles become intense and a faintness replaces the firm grip you once had, look up to the star-way streams and remember you are still fused of Soul to the Aura energy of God. If you are among the mortals who yearn to know the long truth, truth unbent by the gravity of ignorance and suspicion, brace your spirit, open your mind. Allow the power of holy brightness to be with you. Royalize yourself, there is inscribed on your spirit a sovereighnty of Soul crownship. Yes, we are citizens of the First Domain.

Therefore, let us not be caught up in vain imaginations. For surely here on Earth, there is a war in which we are involved with “The Forces Dark”. In the advance of the times there is a throwing of near everything in our way. A rise of strange thoughts personified in changing forms dressed for combat, and ready to trouble any calm or peace we would hope to have. Nevertheless, fear not, say: the Lord’s desire has come upon me. In the chariot of my thoughts I will go into the clouds where God has placed the rainbow and drink of Soul colors. I will be quickened in the sublime flames of the quickenings of the Holy Spirit.

How deeply we understand the word of Jesus is very important: “The hour cometh and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father seeketh such to worship Him,” (John 4:23). In the Starrise of my mind, in the quickenings, I am ready to go away to come, not be to be, to be silent to be heard, and to die to live. As we ignore evil friction, we conserve spiritual energy. As persons produce decisions by the spirit instead of just by their brain they come to understand there is a consciousness of their brain and a consciousness of their spirit. Although the spiritual and the material are able to intercommunicate, it is the spirit mind rather than the brain mind that allows a person to transcend time and space.

For too long many Christians have walked on the edge of salvation, the edge of obedience, and the edge of loyalty. Often the cause of this is because of not having a teacher, therefore, just not knowing for sure what to do and to understand what is expected. Jesus said: The spirit quickens, the flesh does not, the words I Jesus speak are spirit and truth, and they are life. (Compare, John 6:63). “The true worshippers must worship in spirit and truth because God is a Spirit. (Compare, John 4:23-24). In Revelations 17:3 it says: “The angel carried me away in the spirit”.

One’s spirit to the Spirit is the the teaching of Jesus Christ as the true way to worship God and the true way to be quickened. John revealed how that an angel or angels can transport the spirit and mind of a person to ascended heights. This is the time to go beyond the edge of common truth and to face the Forces Dark if need be. Keep in mind what is not planted does not grow. At the crescent point there is a language of God waiting to be learned. This language of God was begotten before all worlds were even formed. The Targums of Onkelos, Jerusalem, and Jonathan, are ancient interpretive language of the Hebrew Bible. It has long been known that any persons considering to translate or interpret the Bible should aways refer to the Targums for comparison of the Old testament.

From the Aramaic root form of “amar”comes the term “memra” which means “Word”. In the Targum Genesis 3:9 It is “the Word” (used in place of the term “God” as in John 1:1) circuiting through the garden messaging for the hiding Adam and Eve to answer: Adam, why are you not answering the message? It is clear from this translation that Adam and Eve communicated with and in this universal language of God. It is the “Word” that planted the garden in the first place. By using the term “Word” a vast spiritual expanse is opened. For the use of the term “Word” allows all who qualify as representatives bearing the manifest image of God to be users and communicators of the Word. It might be said that the angels preach the everlasting gospel of the skies as referring to the line word of God that goes out to all the universe. (Compare, Revelation 14:6 KJV).

Since as composed by the scientific world the particle in a quantum state has no defined position, nevertheless, could involve being spread all over the universe. So then, the idea of a subject particle being everywhere in the universe is considered even mathematically possible. So get on board the Word of God according to Psalms 19:1-6 God Word is even inside of you. At the same time there seems to be the Forces Dark also throughout the universe if by nothing else but by impedition. There is a blueprint written amidst the stars. The physical universe is a composite of many components and possibilities.

Dear simple readers I’m throwing this in for the more complex readers for their speculation on future Transmissions. As such, whether one starts with a particle or a wave model the summation can be the conclusion of Lattilution (a manifest verbal description of the creation and on going states of the universe.), or T.R.I.T. (A manifest revelation of universal TOTAL RESOLUTION OF INVOLUTIONAL TERMINATION), integers that can be factorized into other integers to the point of involving the abstracting of prime numbers as one mathematical side of approach for resolution address.

THE FORCES DARK are in the long of still being additionally increased, and as well, being generated in a mental stage for the future use of Lucifer/satan. It is rare for anyone as a mortal to be able to imagine, conceive, or divine as to realization of this
ghastly plan. The power to be quickened is the secret to overcoming all of the plots of the Forces Dark. The Bible speaks of two conditions that hold back seekers:

    “Many are weak because they have not discerned the body” (Compare, 1 Corinthians 11:29-31 KJV).
    “You ask and receive not because you ask amiss. (Compare, James 45:3 KJV).

Take these words and sip from their flavour. Then say to Satan: Do not jab your dab upon me! See here…look upon my hands, do you have there your mark? Of course not! See here…look upon my forehead, do you see there your mark? Of course not! You Satan do not own me and you never will.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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