Marriage - Not until death do you part!

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Whosoever puts away his wife except for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery.


Oh the veins of marriage,,,,, like roadways, like star-paths, like phases up and down, like bliss, like war, like sweet, like sour, like a link, like a bonding, like a perfect whole, like a series of missing gaps,,,,, forward, yet looking back over their shoulders, they go and come.

Hold the message and massage it; handle it gently, for in it is life and love.  Who will sweep with their mind to understand its values?  Who will hold it tight with their heart…through the storm, through the uncertainties?  Who will strive to the edge of their teeth to chew down mental grief and pain for the belonging joy that is hoped to come?

Yet, there are the crossing lines where the road passes the points of no return.  Alas, may it never on Earth ring its alarm and present its tolls!  For some it never comes, but for others it is as sure as death.

In the pot of marriage mixture, the stew of life becomes the evidence of wholesomeness or the sickness of the meal.  The writ speaks:  “Not until death do you part!”  The death of what, of whom?  Quite cruel would it seem to the deep in love to be told at the onset:  This marriage of love dies when either one of you become deceased!  How Love seeks to be eternal.

Well, then, might not the “death” of the said writ, be the death of the marriage, which, after all, is the subject of the betrothal ceremony?  So then, it would go like this…..”Not until the death of the covenant of this marriage will you part.”

Because….. what is the death of the marriage? Where is the crossing line that goes to the point of no return?  What if you married a person whose insanity, at the time of marriage, was in a dormant state, but who was very susceptible to a trigger event that could open the horrors of that dormancy or perhaps open genetic insanity?

In that case, your marriage would become a hospital zone, or perhaps a war zone.  Wonder, if that insanity turns to violence; and after all your prayers, the counseling, the medicine,,,,, you are beaten again and again to the threat of your life?

At this point, would it not be reasonable to consider that your marriage was dead via a broken covenant?  The marriage vow exchange needs-looking at:  “for better or worse” is not a Bible quote or a God intent for humans married to humans.  That is a purely human-made vow for holding a person in hostage even if their mate becomes a devil.

Of course, the broken covenant I am speaking about is the broken covenant in regards to the spiritual and human purpose of marriage.  Interestingly, there is a clear message given by Jesus Christ that can be used to apply to such a condition.  It is called: spiritual and physical jeopardy…..

Since by marriage two people twain become one flesh, Jesus said:  If there is a part of your body that is so sick or damaged that keeping it is a threat of jeopardy to your well being and life,,,,, then cut it off or pluck it out! (Compare Matthew 5:27-32 KJV.)

Jesus introduced the case of mental interference.  He said: Whosoever looks (thinks) on a woman to lust after her commits adultery with her in his heart.  (Compare Matthew 5:28 KJV.)  Jesus also said:  Whosoever puts away his wife except for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery.   (Compare Matthew 5:32 KJV.) So according to this rule, whenever one marriage partner mate commits sin, due to their twain having become one flesh (Matthew 19:5 KJV), it condemns both mates of the marriage .

It is clear that conditions of a marriage can introduce a state of jeopardy to an innocent partner, guilty only by association (1 Corinthians 6:15-17 KJV).  This is not saying that harlots are guaranteed to go to hell, but rather says that there is an order of ascending rank of categories of persons into the Kingdom of God (Matthew 21:31 and Luke 7:36-39 KJV).

Understand, there is a certain freedom of choice called the will; and if due to your love or sense of contractual interpretation, you want to stay on board and go down with your insane sinking ship or hope for a miracle to turn everything around, you will likely get that opportunity.

My advice to you in this time of my revealing to you these things is to not make a judgement or opinion until I finish my presentation and give the Scriptures.

Yesterday, I talked to a couple who, according to them, have been happily married for 59 years.  Let me assure you, there are more of these kind of people than are thought to be,,,,, who have never bowed to the ruination of lust and fornication.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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