Bible Questions - Marriage and Divorce

What about truth and insight regarding marriage, conjugality, and the nuptial tie?  “The Marriage Before the Dawn” is such revelation of truth.  I say to the mask, the muzzle, the hush, the shade, the smother, and the unenlightenment that has obstructed this truth, “BE GONE!”


Marriage - Sewing The Seeds of Divorce

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Miracles are possible in Christ and possible even with determined wills

Noble and royal thoughts reached down from persuasive angels to save the most discouraged who were in their lowest streak of hope. They came to dissolve the jail in those discouraged minds by lifting their hope to the grace of  Love.

Therefore are the Manifesters of the Destinata called to straighten the crooked paths and to raise up the low valleys so the errors taught about the Bible may be manifested and set in the order of truth.

In the land of Earth,,,,, East, West, North, South,,,,, marriage confusions and troubles swamp the ranges of options for finding workable solutions.  The causes are multiple, but one cause is a lack of respect for the female gender by men.

This, of course, comes from a gross mass ignorance, primitive and animal way of conduct.  In a large percentage of men, the male ego flutters over the most minute flick of anything he thinks he originated.  He loves to call his grip his religion.  He is so ready and busy trying to master all, dominate all, own all, and tame all that often he can’t run his own affairs without help from women he has made himself the boss over.


Marriage is a Right of Free Will

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“All that sparkles is not gold”, and all that raises vibrations is not Love.

The Spirit of the Lord has stirred me to loosen the mind prisoners of false love surmises.  Therefore, I have given my pen to speak:  

A clear trap of nonplussed lure can chain the brain of a human so blindingly the human believes he or she has found true love when, in fact, the story to unfold is a nightmare to come.

In that state of mind-stripping,,,,, a family, home, income, and loyalty can be eroded away under the influence of a created false memory.  When that false memory has done its work, the connections of life that once was, will be left as a limp flower trying to bloom alone by the side of the road.

O’ people of God, lament; for the years of worm thieves are always searching to wormwood the hearts of Love. I the Manifester go forth with words from my writer’s ink horn to give the trumpet a certain sound.  Hear ye! hear ye! my voice in the wilderness of your confusion.


There is Only One True Marriage

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There is only one true marriage, and as said, it is called: ”The Marriage Before the Dawn”

By theoretical slants built on hypothetical, illusory, unsubstantiated, and erroneous interpretations, some people as a result of such slanted information have been bound in chains of marriage blisters. 

On the other side, however, the purpose of this blog is not for underwriting those persons who for any reason or for the consorts of their lusts drop out of one marriage and then another as though marriage was just a doorway from one bosom to another.


Many epics ago when glories knew glories, long before the genesis of humankind,,,,,

in the seasons of antecedence and anteriority,,,,, there existed one eternal marriage (Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 1:3-10 KJV).  All other marriages are only meant to be figurative of that marriage (Luke 20:34-35 KJV).

Before you were born, before you were flesh-laden, you belonged to God the I-AM and were part of the Corporate Body (Ephesians 3:14-15, Job 38:4-7, Ephesians 4:16 KJV and Job  38:21 RSV).


Marriage - Being Unequally Yoked

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The first great law is about the Love of a spiritual union, which is: “The Marriage before the Dawn”.

On the invisible vibrational trackways to a seamless mindfulness, there go the travelers who seek the high thrones of knowledge.  In far-reaching crescendos of thought, instinctual drive is by-passed for a conscious mental trip into manifold sub-auditions.  In the deep submerged consciousness of mind, one can find at the point of intercentrum where God wisdoms are being seeded.

Go and find the real people who lead seekers to light by the shining of their faces.  So then, what is it that is just said?  What is said is to follow not so much the people, but to follow the Light from above that is shining in their faces.

Now then, let it be said: Follow not just words, but follow the words that shine with the face of  God.

Keep in mind: God’s thoughts are not as the common thoughts of humankind.  If the words are just repeats of words that do not open the door of mystery, words that do not breed the Love of God, words that sound like the same rhetoric - incomplete, unfulfilled, and judgemental - then it is time for you who “have an ear to hear” (Revelation 3:6 KJV), to listen, as to what the Spirit of the “Father of Lights” (James 1:17 KJV)  has to say:


Divorce - Heeding the Spiritual Over the Physical

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Jesus gave two parabolic examples that could apply to divorce

Rising memories from a time before this time of a high-born, regal state of mind,,,,, a newfangled classiness begotten from a past time of princely royalty,,,,,  a recurrent of recollections looming and flowing which are dubbed in and out before the  mind screen,,,,, at first, I wondered what could have loosed such an Energy Dot so full of memories….. But then I thought…when Jesus Christ, in His descending Love, came down from His glory, He drew imprints of words - unspeakable, full of glory - and quickened of Spirit, causing faith to become the substance that belonged to every person’s destiny.

What is the distance to the dimension of this glorious Word? Is it not the time to clear the way for the dethroning of superficial myths by the resolvable reasons of revelation?  Where are the pure in heart who recognize truth when they hear it? Come all you who are wisehearted, who hear with your heart and are not influenced by the densities of the mass word of the religious synthesis, or by the ever changing views of the scientific facts committee.

This is not said to render disrespect to persons of religious groups or their teachers, or to render disrespect to persons in the scientific community.  We need all acknowledge their contributions and points of greatness.


Erroneous Decisions About Marriage

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Some of you need to be set free to anoint the feet of Jesus, no matter what the religious element says.

There are those whose pious self-made religious exclaims in audio…strive to guide their voice of sanction in platitudes of maxims and axioms.  They expect to pin the badge of how history is to be written in their religious persuasion.

Come away from those pride hawks and money grabbers.  Stay clear of the crowd, dear readers;  follow the Jesus, lane-road.  When you take this road, revelation will open that is different from the status quo.

You will not see by the rules of the goat herd once you are able to recognize the voice of the Master.  The flame throwers of self righteousness will burn you to scars if you allow it.  Rather, follow those Destinata who bear in their bodies the emblems of Yahvael, the Lord Jesus Christ, and who carry AMs message that was whispered to AMs disciples as private words not shared with the crowd (Matthew 13:10-11, Matthew 17:1-2 and Matthew 17:9 KJV).

Don’t try to master and control every second of your life before you even know how to turn on and off the steam handles to your passions.  Sometimes it is wiser to let the shadow pass over you, and to wait on the Lord, until you are quickened.  Don’t take fire into your bones whose venting will dry out your heart.


Can a Person Divorce One’s Mate For Any Cause?

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Marriage is for bringing forth children to provide bodies for the regeneration of the failed messenger creation angels

In a foretelling compendium about bridges,,,,, renunciations are girded over…..  Wounded hearts are healed; lonely spots are dissolved; rumbles are made to wear a heavenly muffler mask.

O’ “bridge over troubled waters”, sing to the loves that lie bleeding.  Show them the way to unwind the anger that has been spun.  Inscrutable moment, you can never be so complex that you are undecipherable; for with but a touch of the wand by a Holy Ghost angel, the maximum tangle can be reposed.  

They asked Jesus this question:   “Can a person divorce one’s mate for any cause?” (Compare Matthew 19:3 KJV paraphrased).

Jesus answered:  “Haven’t you read the Scriptures?” (Compare Matthew 19:4 KJV paraphrased)

A man or a woman is only one-half realized without a mate.  It takes the man and woman together to metaphor one proxy of the Holy Father and Holy Mother.  That is the cause a man and a woman are married, and that is why humans must only honor their natural parents but not deify their parents (Genesis 2:24 KJV).


Marriage - You Yourself Were Not Perfect

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If your mate wants to stay in the marriage, think twice before you send your mate away

“Some sweet day I’ll fly away, to the sky, way up high, to that land where living waters flow“….. meanwhile, here on Earth:

To many, the  pace to get ahead spiritually seems like squeezing through a needle’s eye.  However, all such mental abrasion is due to not understanding and applying “Rendering” and “Reconciliation”.  

First, get it straight….. Earth is not paradise; it has more hell territories than it has heavenly places.  Even way back in time during the generations before Adam, the Earth was not a paradise garden; and that is why God prepared a spot of relief,,,,,called the Garden of Eden.  If the Earth was already paradise, what need the Garden of Eden?

We further need to understand that for all of Earth’s previous years prior to Adam, it obviously didn’t have a way to eternal life.  And that is why God put the Tree of Life in the midst of the Garden of Eden for those of Soul consciousness.


Marriage - Not until death do you part!

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Whosoever puts away his wife except for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery.

Oh the veins of marriage,,,,, like roadways, like star-paths, like phases up and down, like bliss, like war, like sweet, like sour, like a link, like a bonding, like a perfect whole, like a series of missing gaps,,,,, forward, yet looking back over their shoulders, they go and come.

Hold the message and massage it; handle it gently, for in it is life and love.  Who will sweep with their mind to understand its values?  Who will hold it tight with their heart…through the storm, through the uncertainties?  Who will strive to the edge of their teeth to chew down mental grief and pain for the belonging joy that is hoped to come?

Yet, there are the crossing lines where the road passes the points of no return.  Alas, may it never on Earth ring its alarm and present its tolls!  For some it never comes, but for others it is as sure as death.

In the pot of marriage mixture, the stew of life becomes the evidence of wholesomeness or the sickness of the meal.  The writ speaks:  “Not until death do you part!”  The death of what, of whom?  Quite cruel would it seem to the deep in love to be told at the onset:  This marriage of love dies when either one of you become deceased!  How Love seeks to be eternal.


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