In Him We Move, and Live, and Have our Being

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“And Manifold God made great lights to shine in the heavens. And these lights were for SIGNS, seasons, days, and years”


“And Manifold God made great lights to shine in the heavens.  And these lights were for SIGNS, seasons, days, and years”, (compare Genesis 1:14-16  KJV).   So it is given that there are signs throughout the skies of every planet and throughout the skies of the universe to provide evidence and authentication of the enlightenment of Manifold God, versus the darkness of impedition. 

Every substance of energy in the universe tolls toward linking to a part of that part which is a part of the whole universe.  The signs of the stars are a language of directions and of histories; and the energy dispensed from the stars has become material of the small that has lived in every moving, breathing thing. 

But the stars are not the highest order; for if they were, they would not have needed to be created.  Physical light has a speed; spiritual light has a speed.  That spiritual speed is the power of quickening that created the universe.  It is the Spirit of God’s Word energy (which is Spirit Love energy) that quickens and gives life to everything.

Therefore, as the Scriptures say:  “In Him we move, and live, and have our being” (compare Acts 17:28 KJV).  When people try to interpret a word with Spirit meaning by using common human words, they get the understanding wrong every time.  Star time is physical time; and its length is so long and great, it reaches the vanishing point for the common human mind and is therefore a forever of time.

Spirits from the First Domain (the Heaven of heavens), in order to be expressed intelligently to physical-bodied entities, must take on a physical presence.  Nevertheless, physical things are used in parables and in metaphors (manifestly called “maniphotis”) as helps to understand spiritual things to an extent.   Creation is not progressed by a dice throw.

It is the process of lattilution (the process of evolving through vast potentiations of unlimited possibilities which, for free choice, include the perfect and permissive wills of God, impedition [the up-throws of nature which, depending on the relativeness of the recipient and the time factor, can be good or destructive], and the good, and the anti-good).

These vast potentiations are made available by the Seed Word of God called the “Soundtron” (the sound line of God’s Seed Word measured out and planted through all existence) that penetrates the all of the universe.  

So then, there are many levels of communication and many languages of communication.  In the First Domain, the higher the state of transcendence, the higher and purer the language.  Even in the First Domain, there are interpreters of the highest language of Inner Hallowed Realms.  There is, in the universe, a speed of communication possible that Earthlings at this time can’t imagine.

It is possible to shrink space between destinations of the stars, because space is equal to the time of separation.  In the Bible’s “time shall be no more” (compare Revelation 10:6 KJV) advances, the ability to phototranslate instantly is possible.

There be galaxies and starry substance which shine in the appearance of existence due to the slow travel of their picture of light through the universe.  However, although these starry realms have a picture reality (due to the time factor), they have no actual reality of other same presence.

The days will come when a zzith space ship is put into a “mind set” and phototranslated according to that mind set to the called-for destination in an instant fashion.  Nevertheless, the said “instant fashion” does not, nor will it ever, equal the Invisible God the I-AMs “Alpha Omega” that begins and ends at the same instant.

But in the meanwhile, during the eons of time, many kinds of speed capacities and the methods for achieving these speed capacities will rise.  Space will shrink more and more as “the knowledge of the Lord covers the Earth as the waters cover the seas” (compare Habbakuk 2:14 KJV).

When you put thoughts like this into your mind, it expands your mind.  Pay absolutely no attention to the “knows” whose modern ideas are antique as they are being thunk!  This is Holy Manifest and is as true as your Soul.  “Come fly with me”.  Leave the bore of the “all things are impossible” to the disbelievers, and the joy of the “all things are possible” to the believers (compare Mark 9:23 KJV). Yes, physical light has a speed, and it can be measured; and there are laws that limit it.  But Spiritual Aura Light is 100 times the speed of physical light and instant in the Alpha Omega of the I-AM.

STAR TIME, yes,,,,, that is where we are at.  And it encloses a long, long forever time.  Don’t get too nervous about the day of the coming of the Lord; in one way, the coming of the Lord happens every day. If you say, “Not true,” then the Lord must not have ever come into your heart.  Humankind needs to “be born again” reingenerated and reingenerated until that birth comes when they are born again from above (compare John 3:3 KJV).  That which applies to a physical birth, such as being born in a birth sac of the mother’s water, is physical; and that which is a spiritual birth is spiritual from above (compare John 3:5 KJV).  The spiritual birth, nevertheless, comes through the temple of the body and therefore certain body state requirements are necessary.

Otherwise, who fulfills 1 John 3:9 KJV (paraphrased) “Whosoever is born again of God does not commit sin because the seed of his being remains regenerated in him”  and  1 John 4:7-8 KJV (paraphrased) “He that is born again of God knows the Love of God”.  Nevertheless, I do not deny the state of elect born again - that is to say, the state of being born again by grace (compare Ephesians 2:8 KJV).  And there is power in “calling those things that are not as though they are” (compare Romans 4:17 KJV); for the power of “rendering” is awesome (compare 1 Peter 3:9 KJV).

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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