The Tetragrammaton: I AM and I AM, Exodus 3:14

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Someone will say: No! No! Not "I AM and I AM"! Either "I Am that I Am" or "I Am who I Am"!

Dear reader, if that makes you happy for tradition's sake to quote "I Am that I Am" or "I Am who I Am", please feel free on my part to continue your comfort-ability.

Nevertheless, you might be interested to hear why my title quote is my favorite interpretation and the one that I believe is awesome of abounding truth.

But first; let's touch down on the roadway of this subject. To begin, the meaning and the pronunciation of the four Hebrew letters called the Tetragammaton (Shem Hameforash) is impossible to translate without knowing the code. This is at least partly because ancient Rabbinical manuscripts were not pointed.

Also, two of the twenty-two Hebrew alphabet have no English equivalent. All popular Bibles use print outs that are a hopeful translation of these four letters YHVH or YHWH but at best are guesses, as any genuine scholar will tell you.

This is because in order to get a meaning and pronunciation, vowel marks and perhaps additional consonants have to be added. And that is the secret and code to know. Interestingly, YHVH is used as a Bible name more than any other name; and there is a very large number of other names for God (see Strong's Concordance #3068 for YHVH). There are, of course, other scholar's renderings than said above such as: "I shall be that I shall be"; also, Eheyeh (or Ayah) Asher Eheyeh - "I will be what I will be"; "I am he who is"; "I am he who exists"; "I am what I am"; "He causes to become"; and such renderings as in the Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts translated from the Peshitta, the authorized Bible of the Church of the East - "I am AHIAH ASHAR HIGH (That is THE LIVING GOD). As well, there are other applied relative applications such as in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Kabbalah, and other interpretive writs and esoteric versions and on and on.

The point is, there is a vastly filled space of concepts but still a spiritual void due to mysteries and unsolved codes unrevealed to the people masses.

The characters of the Hebrew language are not exactly translatable word for word but only translatable by meaning for meaning.

For the sake of those individuals who limit Exodus 3:14 for the term fillers to be "that" or "who", let's look at the Hebrew Asher middle words of I Am - "that" and "who" quoted in Bible versions of Exodus 3:14. What does Strong's Hebrew Concordance give as interpretive word possibilities in addition to these two said words for Exodus 3:14 Here we go: #834 - which, what, also adverbs, pronouns, and conjunctions are included to expletively show connection. (Of course, in my opinion "and" is a perfect connection word). And then there are these terms: when, where, how, because, in order that, as, in, of, on, whither, with gram. - + x indicators.

This is only the smallest point of case. It would take a hundred pages to fully reveal all the points of case concerning the said Scripture's Tetragammaton and relative subjects such the glyptic treatment of the text and the varying conventions applied to Scriptural texts by translators.

The God-as-represented key is a major to understanding the Tetragammaton. The duality, the image, the impression, the Godhead, the Trinity, is all a part of the "God-as-represented" picture.

God said, this is My name: I AM x I AM. There is here a dual "I AM". In the same Exodus 3:14 verse, God reveals to Moses: I AM and I AM, but tell Israel the "I Am" has sent you. Here we see just one I Am represents the total name and has the assigned position to be quoted.

Just as the name Elohim is both masculine and feminine, so also does the name "I AM and I AM" contain both the masculine and feminine. The first "I AM" is neither male nor female, but the second "I AM" in Trinity contains the Father, Son (masculine) and the Holy Spirit/Ghost (Mother creator - feminine).

For instance, some interpreters use the four Hebrew letters this way:

YH=YOD...V=VAH... H=HE,,,,, furthermore, they DEFINE:


But the Manifester sees it deeper:

The Tetragammaton YHVH code reveals: I AM and I AM, from:

YH=I AM...V=and...H=I AM, when the vowels and consonants are added (after the method of but not specifically Masoretic); to achieve this do the following: insert the vowel "a" to YH=YAH... add one vowel and one consonant to "V"=Vah=and... add one consonant and vowel to H=Yah.

You then have a translation of I AM x I AM = Yah and Yah (compare God (Elohim) and JAH/YAH, Psalms 68:4 KJV).

So then I AM and I AM = Yah and Yah which is the Invisible I AM God Spirit and the Image of God manifested in the flesh or physically.

In the Spirit realm application, all numbers are resolute to the Shema One. (Compare St. John 17:11,21,22,23)

Finally, for now, the dual "I Am" is seen in Scripture after Scripture as two personalities - Elohim and YHVH (Jews for Jesus).

Psalms 45:7-8 KJV: here the second "Elohim" is the God of the First Elohim.

Hosea 1:7 KJV: "Elohim" number one will save Israel by "Elohim" number two.

Genesis 19:24 KJV: one Yahweh/Jehovah calling for fire to reign down from a second Yahweh/Jehovah in heaven.

Zechariah 2:12-13 KJV: one Yahweh/Jehovah sends another Yahweh/Jehovah to perform a special task.

So I hope you the reader have a better idea of how "I AM and I AM" has substance, not even to mention that the Manifester not only uses local chapter and verse context but compares the whole Bible for subject reference context and other ancient writs for back up. Consequently, the "I Am" subject is based on the whole application of the Tetragammaton and not just one verse. The break down of this information is far too much data for the space and time I have here. Again and most importantly, when the Manifester receives a revelation, he then searches Scripture for back up. This presentation does not reveal the process of the Manifester receiving divine revelation.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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  • andrew


    27 October 2011 am31 04:44 |
    Interestingly, YHVH is used as a Bible name more than any other name; and there are a very large number of other names for God.

    Read more: The Tetragrammaton: I AM and I AM, Exodus 3:14 | Peace Manifest Ministries

    The gap between different groups of word study within the ancient and most recent text (KJV) seems to become a potential point of conflict. With each group internally wanting to define the other by specific word choices and then projecting a defensive posture onto that group or perspective. The Manifester begins to stretch toward the vastness of the I-AM and aforementioned different names. It is almost like it is genetically ingrained in a human to categorize I-AM with a few words, then stake the groups claim on that depiction in written form. Maybe it is pride that creates a conflicting situation to other group’s perspectives. Maybe it is pride that this group or another percieves they are more sophisticated or blessed in the revelation of the I-AM. Maybe it is pride that leads to war of groups to defend this certain belief system. Pride….doesn’t sound like a very good premise of study to be talking about the Lord I-AM and his name with though. Thank you, Mr. Manifester for your destiny works and non-prideful tips.

  • Jan


    02 March 2013 pm31 12:13 |
    Please don't take anything I say as an argument. I enjoy your teaching very much. I am a believer, in search of truth. I beleive I-AM is the one true God, and Yeshua is the Mashiach. I beleive that 100%.

    In my studing, I have wondered about the Trinity. If we had no concept of it, would the Bible support the belief? I haven't found where the three are grouped together. I know that 1 John 7-8 has them grouped together, but that the end part of v. 7 and part of v. 8 are not in any of the ancient Greek manuscripts, but added later.

    I grew up in the church. I am not trying to offend anyone. I believe a lot of what you talk about, it bears witness with my spirit.

    Any information/teaching you have on this, I would like to see it.

    Thank you, very much for your time.
  • Harriet Allen

    Harriet Allen

    15 February 2016 pm29 18:40 |
    Hi Jerry!
    I am researching the tetragrammaton right now. I am intrigued by your comment that this blog does not reveal the process of how God revealed this to you in the first place. I love to hear from God about things. Please share if you can, how it was revealed to you in the first place!
  • John


    24 February 2016 am29 07:53 |
    I was having a discussion with my son about Ex. 3-14...we went back and forth about the the importance of "i AM THAT I AM ". Found definitions of I and AM in Strong's Concordance, but discovered "THAT" was missing. Go to the Appendix of Strong's and search out "that " using Ex. 3-14'll see " that " is not listed under Exodus 3-14 on page 1293 of Strong's. Any significance to you ?? Also, seems the capitalization of THAT may be important, if not , why was it left out of the concordance ??

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