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In the revelations revealed to Moses the Word was accentuated to him to not forget "the pattern", the model, showed to him in the mount.

The paradign (pattern,model) revealed on the mount was a kind of parabolic mirror... and contained in its "shadows of things to come" religious truths expressed in paradox, (seemingly confusing and contradictory propositions).

The revelation was for begetting a fearful searching for lost wings of angelic minds displaced. The demon inside the mortal --- in the form of implanted information contrary to recovery of lost time and space, would be constant to inhibit truth.

Compare: In the beginning everything was made beautiful by God's Quickening of the progress of time. As the result of consequences, God allowed the desires for the physical world to dominate the wish of the soul. Therefore, the hearts of mortals were turned deeply to the survival of their flesh bodies.

This state of mind allowed that the spirit in each mortal suffered from lack of spiritual development. By these means and limits the knowledge of God in the spirit of each mortal was left unstimulated. This unstimulated state prevented the works of God from being discovered by such bound mortals. (Ecclesiastes 3:11 MIV).

How sad such a road, where the personal self-discovery of who a person really was should be inhibited. It was like living in a sink-hole of dense physical mind-folds, that like a black hole, swallowed up the light...truly, a plight in paramnesia, (dreams confused with reality).

What syntactic construction could be made, what rhetorical mission of words spoken to open the "way to the lost paradise of the Tree of Life"? This human disorder of memory, inherited by a great fall from a once glory of long long ago, shall not easily be overcome.

I invite every reader into the arms of the everlasting Love of God, for there abides the hope for shifting ones mental weights into the Light of freedom.

This paramorphism to the crystal-line-structure of God's original plan must be loosed from the mortal. To begin, the parabolic key (the understanding of the paradox, of parables and metaphors) to the secrets of the Bible must become manifested.

The parallel edge of carnal flesh that "cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven" must be tamed into temporary Earthly temples for the Holy Spirit it was originally created for.

It is written that Jesus Christ, when speaking to the public, spoke only in parables.
The dark seeing glass, the veil, must be removed and manifest realization must rise. The Bible says the "Darkness did not comprehend the Light" of the deep Words of Christ.

Because it was not the time...Jesus speaking of the Manifest Word said: Greater works shall you do than I have done, because I go to my Father...

I invite all readers to come to the foundations 12, to come to the rise of the Morning Star, to read, to hear the Holy Manifest Word...for here lie the solving ranges to the paradox, and here has the key to the secrets of the Holy Bible been made available.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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    Blessed be the name of God! Sharper than a two edge sword.

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