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"The Evidence of things not seen"...Hebrews 11:1 KJV
Who is there who does not want proof for the issues that regard life and death and whether something is a reality or not.

But what is proof to one person may not be an accepted proof to a different person.

According to Hebrews 11:1, faith is the proof given as being the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Further, it is said that worlds were framed by this substance which is in verse l was called "faith" and in Hebrews 2 was called "the word of God".

Generally speaking "faith" is as invisible thing, and as well "the word of God" is an invisible thing.

Since the "word of God" as represented by different people, different churches, and different religious thought, could be very much not the same...then it is reasonable to expect that the result of this evidence could also be so difference as to not produce a sufficient "faith" or a sufficient "word of God" to produce things such as the framing of worlds.

However, calling "faith" a substance and calling "The word of God" by textual subject connection also a substance, does not complete the fulness of revelation needed to understand this said evidence of thing not seen.

Understanding this teaching in the sense of what was, what is, and what is to be, however, brings this subject back to a deeper reality of what is the evidence of things not seen.

We are told in the Bible the Ultimate God I-AM is Invisible, we are also told by Jesus Christ in the scripture that the day is coming that they who will worship God will not be using the old method of mortal flesh and symbolism but will worship God only in Spirit.

This insight then moves into a higher interpretation of the meaning of "The evidence of things not seen".

There is fitted a 100 fold picture of the "Spirit" being the evidence of things not seen.

There is then a spiritual place of mind in God that individuals are able to master the physical human body to the extent of reducing the Body to a residue lattice while the spirit of the person communicates spirit to Spirit with God.

The proof then would be to those individuals who worship in spirit to Spirit, because they would see through the eyes of God and the Knowledge of God, the proof which is the Word of God, not made flesh but as God speaking by the Holy Spirit.

The knowledge of reality would be made instant by our spirits bearing witness to God and in doing so entering a holy space where all doubt is vacant of existence.

Proof then becomes the act of seeing the Invisible God during the instants the body flesh in held in lattice residues separated by interstitial space.

This then is the meaning in Malachi 2:15 about the residue of the spirit. The residue is the spirit's own body being held in suspension the reverse of the spirit being subject to the body of the prophet.

Truly as the Bible says: it has not entered into the imagination of mortals the things that God has in store for His Holy People.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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  • skipmick


    13 July 2013 pm31 13:45 |
    I have just discovered this awesome revalation about faith explained by one who has the knowledge and truth that brings the subject of faith into the light where it comes alive! This is very helpful,Praise the Lord!

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