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Job 19:20 "I am escaped with the skin of my teeth"...

Most people who live on planet Earth have to get by with only a handful of life. Not everyone uses or lives on the same wave length. There are still frontiers wide open for trial into all kinds of truth.

But most people can't seem to reach over their fear or reach the point of confidence to reach across the divide.

Circumstances often push good people into expressing forms of life that hold no reasons to live for.
But there is possible a world of the mind that comes from the core principle of faith. There is the possibility of interlinking the skin of your teeth to the space of reaping where you have never sown.

God is at this time is encouraging individuals to make a conscious shift into a new horizon of faith. There are struggles for existence of many kinds going on that need to be understood in new ways.

Barely getting by on the skin of the teeth is reaching the bottom of ones resources at least mentally. The causation for such bleak fair is in most cases the result of a thing called "restriction".

Often when persons take a financial dive they end up stuck not knowing how to ever get out of their black hole. They become restricted from success, restricted from overcoming their dilemma, using such old thoughts as: "it takes money to make money".

The whole idea of "all things are possible" comes from creating something out of nothing. Forget those laws of probabilities, they will always leave your hope stranded with odds against you that exceed in the billions of negative reasons.

The "it" you need is right at hand even if you cannot see it. THINK IT, BELIEVE IT, AND TOUCH IT. IT IS THERE!

Close that shop called "skin of the teeth" and move on.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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