The Journey to the Ancient and the Present

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There is the case when something is said to not exist but does exist (compare Hebrews 11:1-2 KJV).


Into the elements of language from the generative flourish of the Spirit, so write I unto you of the unfolds of mysteries about universal intelligence (compare Psalms 19:1-6 KJV). The eye of crystal catches a streaming upward circuit of energy, which bypassing the fluster mode leaves it far begone (compare Job 22:14 KJV).

The flyblown word of confusion has spawned “wormwood” (compare Ecclesiastes 10:1 and Jeremiah 23:15 KJV), and the Speakerphone for trash has decided to build with it cities not on a Rock (compare St. Luke 6:47-49 KJV). Yet for the sake of care, the One whose name is Love has chosen to let it be, knowing in time not one section of it shall be left standing (compare St. Matthew 13:24-30 and St. Mark 13:2 KJV).

To define the identity of the ubiquity of intelligent information, and to let ambiguousness sleep, come fly with me to the realms of mind where “all things are possible” (compare Hebrews 10:16 and St. Mark 9:23 KJV).

To qualify for this journey you need a brave heart, preferably a heart that even glows at night.  Begin aspirating the journey. The moment of your destiny to believe is with you! In the bravura of your spirit let the journey begin…..(Bravura (bra voo’ ra): a brilliant or ambitious action; a style of music requiring exception ability ― RD Oxford Dictionary.).

Over the scale of the joinings of scientific said constants, beyond the expectations of conjectures, there let the “me” of “I”, and the “person” of “you” begin unraveling to a rareness not of common ground.   There is the case when “one” is not a singular one, but is a plural as in being a many-one (compare Romans 12:4-5 KJV).

There is the case when something is said to not exist but does exist (compare Hebrews 11:1-2 KJV).   There is the case when time and distance are only relative to those who cannot escape from the physical and mental  binding energy force of nature (compare Revelation 10:6 and Matthew 24:27 KJV ― speed of light; plus, 2 Peter 3:8 KJV).  And there is the case when in instances of causeways, a thing of one has a counterpart of existence be it near or far of universe away (compare St. John 3:12-13, St. Matthew 18:18, Colossians 2:5 KJV).

Come now, see to wisdom that you amalgam not the Darkness with the Light.  If the pallium of St. John the Revelator fits you (Revelation 10:11 KJV) then technological limits can not box you in, for even as at the time of creation you’ll be able to stretch out the heavens (compare Isaiah 40:22 KJV) until the lattice waves of truth prophesy.  Heretofore and hereunto, there has been and there exists now, information waves called the soundtron waves and energy dots that contain the stories of ancient and present happenings (compare Romans 10:18, and Psalms 19:4 KJV).

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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  • Charles Boyd

    Charles Boyd

    10 November 2011 am30 09:00 |
    Just letting you know your blogs are being read! many thanks to you and the Word being revealed to those who are ready to hear it! Praise the Lord!
  • mark daniel

    mark daniel

    12 November 2011 am30 10:49 |
    thank you so much of insigth it alway a new wine for my spirit

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