The Great Star Angel Lucifer Fell to Earth

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Jesus knew that Lucifer/Satan had been assigned as the “the Covering Cherub” to the Ophannim

In the Book of many stories, in the mirror of many reflections of memory, Energy Dots open and pour spiritual mysteries lit like the candle light of a thousands suns.  Angels race through written words of the Bible and wand them to speak in Manifest tongues beyond the mortal. (Compare 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 and 1 Kings 19:5 KJV.)

Satan is made limp by the weight of his anger because his plan is being made public.  The threescore of truth is opened like a flying scroll, and the sons of Light are girded for war against the sons of darkness (see: Dead Sea Scrolls).

The spiritual Hercules of Faith rises to toss mountains off of the roadways so the Ark of Covenant can be carried across the river of life.  The tongues of the Destinata begin to hum the tune that will be heard around the world.  Let the Thunder   Begin! (Compare Revelation 11:19 KJV.)

The dead of memories are quickened by the Holy Ghost, and they rise from their dead life that was buried in their human bodies by circumstances in the Land of Forgetfulness.  In this mental memory resurrection of the was that was, many shall rise to shine as the stars forever to those who live in the lost regions….. (Compare Psalms 88:12 and 2 Corinthians 10:16 KJV.)

The pages of the Time, Times, and 1/2 Time fill my mouth and are sweet as honey, as joy unspeakable and full of glory; but in my solar plexus at my belly, the digesting pages are bitter because the spirit within yearns for those who will be lost in the wars…

The satyr has come in metaphor, by shape-shifting himself into a Beast, diverse and in full morphing of form.  Do not think he has just now come: he has been around since the beginning of Earth creation times.  Do not think he is just a future event; he is the empowered offspring of the Dragon.  From a sprig sprung to a colossal giant, he has been around in many forms. (Compare Revelation 13:1-2 KJV: Satyr= he-goat/devil.)

In the opening of the Seventh Seal and the 30, 60, 100 fold of the Time, Times, and 1/2 Time,  there is smoke….”smoke that comes from the incense and prayers of the saints and ascends up before God out of the angel’s hand” (Revelation 8:3-4 KJV).  There is also smoke that comes in the fire from a great star angel with stature as a mountain,  who proposes virtually to the Holy Commission the damage his deportation to Earth from heaven (by the was of his descension), called “Wormwood”, would cause to the creation.

But there was little consideration left for Lucifer who had already polluted 1/3 of the three angel groups that came to the Milky Way galaxy to create (the Seraphim 1/3 and Cherubim 1/3 remain essentially whole). Lucifer further contends that his deportation to Earth with the Ophannim 1/3 (who were to become blood creatures called humans) would instigate and exacerbate an imposed state of forced mental deprivation on the deported angels, therefore causing them to fail their duty (Revelation 8:8-11 and Matthew 4:6  KJV).

Jesus knew that Lucifer/Satan had been assigned as the “the Covering Cherub” to the Ophannim and still, in that sense, represented them. Asking Jesus to cast Himself down was requesting for Jesus to make Himself equal to the spiritually fallen angels or make the fallen angels equal of mind state to Him, so that they could fulfill their destiny to lift up the Jesus Christ Spirit (compare Matthew 4:6 KJV).

These things Lucifer said for the record, when at the end of time his case would come before the Council of the Holy Commission. (Demons/devils are aware of the future time of judgement….. Compare Matthew 8:28-29 KJV.)

The Beast has been around a long, long time and will continue to be around perpetrating his diabolical plan until the Ancient of Days comes and the saints possess the kingdom (compare Daniel 7:19-22 KJV).  Scripturally, it is said:  The Beast shall speak words against the Most High and wear out the saints, changing time and changing laws throughout the Time, Times, and 1/2 Time (compare Daniel 7:23-25 KJV).

He who is called the “Son of man” and the “Son of God” related and implied to His disciples, who were returning from the victories of confrontations with Satan’s devils, that in His Divine higher self, during a great past event, He saw the fall of Satan/Dragon as a flash of lightning, when after Satan lost the war in the heavens of the Constellations of Drago and Ursa Minor (compare Luke 10:17-18 KJV).

It becomes evident that the devil spirits are agents of the Satan/Dragon also called the “Serpent”, and they are fallen to the Earth where the disciples live.  The Son of Man Jesus said to His disciples:  “Do not rejoice that these spirits of devils are subject to you, for they were once Ophannim as you also once were.  Rather, rejoice because your names as Ophannim are still written in heaven as it was before the fall, and I have shown you salvation so that you can return in the future to your Ophannim status” (compare Luke 10:20 KJV paraphrased).

Then, Jesus rejoiced in the deep inner sense of His Spirit as He reminisced of His higher self as the “Father”.  Jesus was satisfied in His thoughts that the mysteries of the Ophannim, the Angels wars, the Hierarchy, and the Beling Book of Life, were hidden from the earthy wise and prudent, but revealed to the children of God.  (Compare, Luke 10:21 KJV).

So the fifth Angel of the seven universal Spirits of God voted, and His was a decisive vote causing therefore the Great Star Angel Lucifer to fall (be deported) from heaven to Earth.    And it was so that when Lucifer was deported to the Milky Way galaxy that he immediately requested for a key code to the volumes of space around about above and below the Milky Way’s abyss.  This being granted Lucifer set himself up as an Arch Prince over the breathers of air throughout the Milky Way galaxy and the bottomless space about it called the “Bottomless Abyss”. (Compare Revelation 9:1 KJV and Revelation  9:11 MIV).

Then using his great genius, Lucifer wanded engendered virtues as smoke to rise.  It was out of the brewing smoke of his ideas that he conceived a great army of the Mantis people of the Locust metaphors. (Compare example of rod wanding using creative electromagnetic energy: Exodus 4:2-4 KJV; and metaphors turned into reality: Joel 2:25 KJV.)

The generating atomic force of his creation was so great, it was as an atom smasher machine which output overcast all the good forces of creation with an intensifying blockage. (Compare “atomic smasher”/”great space furnace”: Revelation 9:2 and Revelation 9:11 MIV).  

The vast numbers of the Mantis people and their flying craft called the flying Zamms and Zats (see Manifest Bible Code on: ”Lost Language of Ach-Ah”) were like a cloud of smoke over nearly all the whole galactic realms except for the Solar System, due to an injunction rendered by the Holy Commission (compare Acts 17:26 KJV: injunction/bounds), which injunction Lucifer/Satan intended to ignore once his forces were ready for war. (Compare Revelation  9:9 and Revelation  9:10 MIV.)

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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