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There are reckonings that need often be made as one journeys the trials of life.  The Bible says to "examine yourself" as to where you are at in your faith.  

There are many frenzies going on in the minds of the human race.  Frenzies of lust, greed, pride, acts of shame, selfishness and anger.  It is the constant of such frenzies that work to anesthetize and cause a diluting of the Word of God. 

 It seems the average person just does not know where the spiritual gravity center of his or her faith is. 

Add the many who dwell deep into a religious grave faith... deplete of the spiritual gifts of the Holy Ghost, and soon one must wonder where the scales of the just and the unjust balance at.

There are seemingly endless blockades that detour the main off ramps to the super highways of God.

And yet if one is to move on to spiritual heights above all blockades certain actions are required to do so...

There is a horn of plenty, of God given information available.  The deep of it is however, in "folds"under seals. 

In Holy Manifest teachings these "folds are acessed by the "Transits".  You don't have to be a saint to access these folds.  The unlocking of these seals, and the spiriting of these folds into transits of revelation to ones mind is an act of reaching the true point of sincere desire and the request of asking to be cleansed of your sins on a daily basis.  

  Jesus said to pray every day.  Our Father who is in Heaven forgive us our debts (sins) as be have forgiven others.

Then there are the teachers who can be of major helps.  But alas the false and erronious teachers not even mentioning the teacher, who mix truth with folly.  

It seems according to 2 Corinthians 14, that the gifts of God will at some point lose the anointing and begin to fail if those gifts are not being charged with the charity Love of God. 

Of when such gift begin to fail in ministries the preacher continues on using a make believe of the gifts but without an anointing.  One does not need to speculate for too long to figure what that does to truth by its hurting the ministry of God's true word.  

But David, by the Holy Spirit said:  Thou O God will not leave my soul in hell.  So that is the point of this teaching.   One must not concentrate on the hell that exist on every front of the Tartaroo of this Earth.

Step over it, get your mind above it.  Get on board to thoughts of elevation.  Be determined that in the Lord of Hosts, you will and must rise to SPIRITUAL HEIGHTS ABOVE ALL THE BLOCKADES.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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