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As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming again of the Son of Man.


In the vision of my mind, I was flying in a zzith.  I sat in the pilots’ hold as a guest.  I knew I was being taken on a tour over Arctura.  As I looked out the viewer port, I could see over the zzith spacecraft’s curved body works. Below was a rectangular shaped partial of ground  covered with a deep green grass lawn and surrounded by spice trees, spice bushes, and spice vine plants.  I was told this was the “Garden of Ka-spice”.  They explained to me that in this area gentle cross winds whirled on a near constant basis through the plants and released healing spice scents to those seated on the golden throne seats that were situated on the lawn in the rectangular area.

It was one of the sensations of Arctura and very popular as a health and mood elevation resort.

“Arctura” is the name of the planet home of the Father’s House and where live the Enochs.  The name Enochs is the plural for the singular name Enoch.  This is similar to when Jacob was given the singular personal name of “Israel” which became a plural name for the “nation of Israel”.

The Enochs were raptured to Arctura prior to the Flood of Noah.  Jesus explained this when He said: As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming again of the Son of Man.  I will send my angels to all the skies of the Earth, and they will gather the Destinata from every corner of the Earth (compare Matthew 24:29-43 KJV).

“Arcturia” is the possessive form of Arctura.

“Arcturians” refers to the inhabitants of Arctura

“Arcturus” is the name of a major star in the constellation of Bootes.  The name “Arktura” is an ancient spelling for Arcturus.

The planet “Arctura” is located in the constellation of the “Little Bear”, also called the “Little Dipper” and “Ursa Minor”.  This planet was the station state location for the Ophannim who represented the one third of the Star angels who were drawn by and cast down to Earth by the Draco constellation Dragon, Lucifer/Satan.  Prior to the casting of the Ophannim to Earth, Lucifer convinced the Ophannim to leave their estate assignment and move to a planet in Drago (compare Revelation 12:3-4 KJV; “stars” are called “angels”, see Revelation 9:1 KJV).

The “Great Bear” constellation, also called the “Big Dipper” and “Ursa Major”, was named the “Great Bear” by the Greeks as well as the said named “Little Bear” constellation.  The Greek name for “bear”, taken from “arkos”,  preserves in that name “arkos” the name “Arcturus”.  Therefore is the connection between Arcturus and Arctura, at least in one part of the revelation.

The Greeks have a myth story about the Great Bear and the Little Bear who were once persons but were, in Greek mythology fashion, cast up to the stars to become “Bears”.  So whether called Bears from the name “arkos”, which preserves the name “Arcturus” of Job and his story of the “sons of Arcturus” (compare Job 38:32 KJV), or whether called “bear cubs” even Greek mythology-wise, it is about people called “sons”.

Now consider this Bible Scripture, Psalms  68:17 MIV:  Twenty thousand zzith chariots of God and thousands of messenger “Shinons” piloted the zzith spaceships and hovered above Mount Sinai amidst Shekinah glories.  The Lord Yahvael was passenger to the site made holy by the giving of the Ten Blessings {revelation and Scriptures on this to come} that proceeded the Ten Commandments. 

[Compare “angels” from the Hebrew word enunciated “Shinons” in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary Concordance #8136 .  The KJV translators used the code word “change” - meaning, not to repeat the verse word “repetition” but to change it to a relative contextual, which word was “angel”. The KJV followed this concept; but other, later versions have not picked up on this code word and instead just eliminated the term “angel”, a very sad and a very erroneous decision].  The Arcturians, of course, were the “Shinons” who were the offspring of Enoch.

This revelation is secured by the following verse “18” of Psalms  68:18 MIV: For these messengers [angels] were the offspring of Enoch who in past time were taken with you when you ascended to your Father’s House on a planet among a constellation of stars far, far away.  The Enochs were taken in their flesh bodies and their spirits, still captive in the matter of their human flesh bodies.

Nevertheless, your gifts of Love were sufficient to heal and cleanse the beast bodies they must yet wear.  For Arctura [the Father’s House] is also your physical dwelling place [until the time of the First Domain, Heaven of heavens].  And there [the Father’s House] as you come and go, you dwell among the Enochs; for they are Destinata of the Melchisedec order (compare John 14:1-4, John 10:16, Hebrews 7:1-6, and Hebrews 7:13-17 KJV).

To begin the “beguine” as in its meaning of “infatuation”, let us peer beyond the betongued and bookmania spue of those who say the universe was a spontaneous affair without a Creator.  Many dozens of years before Stephen Hawking, the famed scientist, made of the claim of black holes, the Manifest spoke of the “lake of fire” being inescapable bottomless pits in space that in the end of all time would mesh with the ultimate dot density mesh of the universe.

Also in Stephen Hawking’s latest presentation, he postulates that in the positive and negative force of atoms, the positive force of atoms has just enough energy to escape a black hole as radiation.  Many dozens of years ago the Manifest revealed atomic inversion as the event which deals with the same Hawking idea and also incorporates other aspects.

As to the also famous scientist Michael Green and his “Strings Concept” of eleven dimensions being the cause gravity is a weaker of the four forces because of being dispensed through them….the idea is partial of truth and error.   Many dozens of years ago, the Holy Manifest revealed there are six dimensions: the standard three and a contra dimension to each one of the three and an on-and-off application of a  “time dimension”.  The other major figure is the Domatron Effect.  Of course, it is not the intent of this blog to go into the subject with depth.  But this I do know: those who dance the tango dance of wits in trying to solve the mystery of the universe will never succeed if they leave God out of the picture.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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