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A page nearly bare of knowledge has been the reference for the prediction of the future for the long of time. The pathetic noise of this nearly barren page nevertheless has aroused millions to believe what was in the most part scribble-mania and in the other part a small amount of knowledge.

If you will take a long and dedicated trip with me I will show you the City of God and the reality of Star Time. There is an underground war going on between powers and principalities for the mind of humankind. Jesus the Christ in the meantime will always be coming and always be going away.

I believe in Him and Love Him with all my Soul, with all my heart, and with all my mind and strength. The fear teachings about the soon coming of Christ are contemptible, disgraceful, and misleading. I am filled with His returned Spirit, the Holy Spirit, as I write this very moment.

Jesus Christ will always be coming as He always has: in the Souling of Adam, as Melchisedec, as the Redeeming Angel to the patriarchs (such as Abraham and Jacob), as Yahvael on Mount Sinai and the Rock that followed the children of Israel in the wilderness. Jesus also appeared in another form to two followers as they walked a country road (compare Mark 16:12 KJV).”Catching away” or “rapture” is not a new whirl of happening for God’s people. Such events happened with Enoch and his progeny, Elijah, Phillip, Paul – to one degree or another, and Jesus Christ. This “catching away” or “rapture” is slated to happen again and again. It is the very act of harvesting those who are elected to rise; and, as an event, it always closes out the end of a dispensation or the end of an age or the finish of a person’s on Earth ministry. It can be said to be the end of an applied state of the world as is relative to the entity or entities who are being harvested.

The Bible was written to be interpreted. Even those persons involved in writing the Bible’s pages, being moved on by the Holy Spirit, often wrote thinking that their writing was in reference to their life, nation, or times when, in fact, the Holy Spirit was speaking through them using what they imagined to be one thing, to instead be codes, riddles, parables, and metaphors for ages to come.

This action by the Holy Spirit was necessary for three main collective reasons:

    1. The persons writing those episodes, even if writing from the highest part of the dust of the world (compare Proverbs 8:26 KJV), were conducting as God-as-Represented, but not understanding that they were prophesying and representing God in their writings as expressing only a part of what was divine Word. (compare 1 Corinthians 13:9-12 KJV).

    2. That the Bible was inspired by God through AMs Holy Spirit to be a Living Word, therefore to be a continuous revelation capable of spiritual morphing to fit its Word for and to all generations and all times.

    3. That the Bible was inspired with hidden codes and hidden language available only to those chosen to understand it in its 30, 60, 100 fold truth, which incorporates the mystery of the time – the revelation of the time, times and 1/2 time insight, and the main story of who are the mortals, and God’s plan for this universe, and what was, is, and is to come.

Even in the common understanding of language, single words very often have a variety of meanings and definitions. Native grammar in its human application cannot capture the depth of spiritual attest. So then, in the continuum of star time,,,,, symbols and icons used in the Bible become reflective by the Holy Spirit to many interpretations and applications depending on Holy Spirit contextual application. So what is not true in this time may become true in another time; what is not accepted as truth in this time may be accepted as truth in another time.

If a person of deep spirit affirms a belief that cannot be found to be affirmed in the writs as understood in this present world,,,,, nevertheless, understand that belief and truth may be able to be affirmed in another world, another universe, or another time. As beguiling as this may sound to those persons spiritually and mentally frozen in their time zone, it is a truth deeply taught by Jesus Christ in the Bible. For it involves the opening not only of a current link in time, but involves the making of a golden chain of links that transcends that which was, that which is, and that which is to be.

It is God’s will that all things will be eventually manifested. So then, terms such as “mountains” or “seven mountains”, defining actual mountains or defining spiritual powers, can become inexplicable to examine by human engage and consequently lead to a forced interpretation that is off track of the truth. By the same token, other terms used in deep scenarios of revelation (such as: “seven heads”; “seven kings”; “the beast”; “ten horns”; the woman the whore; or the woman the church; the “lamb”; the “lion”; the “bear”; the “leopard”; “wings”; “angels”; the numbers seven, twelve, six hundred sixty-six, and one hundred forty-four thousand, to name a few…) are all a part of the “was”, the “is”, and the “is to be”,,,,, the thirty, sixty, and one hundred fold,,,, the time, times, and one-half time,,,,, and various levels of revelation and insight of the Word of God. In the fusing of time, these names, places, titles, and symbols will mold into applications for each current running generation.

For instance, the symbol applied to representing a nation may, over the course of many years, become the symbol of a different nation. As well, this would apply to other symbols applied in the literal sense such as animal national symbols. However, in applying the symbols used for evil to spirit forms as representative of Lucifer’s Satan or as applied to a counter kingdom to Jesus Christ, the Seven Spirits of God, prophets, ministers, apostles, and etc.: the seven horns of the beast become seven demonic evil spirit powers; the seven heads become the seven heads that wear the crowns and feature the horn projectory from the heads (compare Revelation 17:9-11 KJV). Are these mountains literal mountains like, for instance, the seven mountains of Rome where the woman whore or false church sits? I don’t think so!!! That is just hate doctrine of one church damning another church.

Consider these points: in Daniel 7:9 language, ” ‘thrones’ of God ‘cast down’ to earth” should read “thrones of God positioned”.Revelation 17:1-8 KJV says this woman sits on a “scarlet coloured” beast that was and is not, yet is. This isn’t about literal mountains that once were and seem to not presently be, nevertheless, in a special kind of way still exist. No, the seven mountains represent the seven archangel-assigned powers of seven demon spirits that comprise to make up the abomination that creates spiritual desolation.Revelation 17:10 KJV says the Seven Kings are granted a time for using their power – five of these kings have been positioned (should read “positioned”, not the term “fallen”), one is to be positioned, and the last king will not be positioned until events clarify the most effective positioning at the time.

Revelation 17:12 says, in fact, those said Seven Kings as of the writing of the Book of Revelation have not yet received a kingdom. So how could any of them have fallen? The seven evil spirits plus the Satanic Trinity make up the ten horns which are ten kings. The Satanic Trinity is the false prophet, the Anti-Christ, and Satan and composes three of the horns of the Beast. The Beast, which includes the seventh evil spirit king representing counter kingdoms of the Seven Spirits of God and, as the Beast representing the Dragon in the present eighth universe, forms the fourth horn of the “Beast” cognate. So then, the Beast plus the Satanic Trinity equals the four horns of the Beast. The seven evil spirits of abominal corporation are listed in Proverbs 6:16-19 KJV. And the revelation of this reveal is linked between Daniel and the book of Revelation.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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    Without the interpretation through the Holy Spirit wee will all be lost to the real understanding of Holy Scripture

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