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By this insight your trust will rise in the Lord


For too long, interpretations of the Bible have suffered an asphyxiation disease. The purpose of this site is to allow Bible interpretations to breathe the deep breath of truth. For this deep breath of truth to be taken in and perceived, a threefold insight must come into view.

“By this insight your trust will rise in the Lord. I speak even to you (who will read this Word). I am describing the threefold sayings of the Word and how to thereby determine additional knowledge,” (Proverbs 22:19-20 KJV paraphrased). The correct meaning for the Hebrew word shaliysh is “threefold” instead of “excellent” as used by some Bible versions (compare Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary #7991 shaliysh [from #7969 shalowsh] meaning ‘threefold’).

It is written that Jesus rarely taught the human masses without the use of parables.

Although these parables carried a story of their own, the deeper underlying story had to be translated by Jesus or revealed by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 13:34-35 KJV). Often the Bible speaks of the mysteries of God and the deep word. Hence is enfolded the three “Holy, Holy, Holy” meanings (Revelations 4:8 and Isaiah 6:1-3 KJV) and the meaning of the 30-fold, 60-fold, and 100-fold as taught by Jesus (Matthew 13:23 KJV).

There is an oracular ambiance, orchestrated and synthesized of belonging accessory information scattered throughout the Bible, which is conjoined to subjects both generally and specifically, even though not touching of verse to verse, or chapter to chapter, or of the same Bible book, or embedded in the same context ( compare, Jeremiah 29:10 with its deep Sabbath of time insights as further enlightened by Gabriel in Daniel 9:20-24). Without the inspired ability to interpret, it leaves those subjects incomplete and unfulfilled of their deep word truth (Luke 8:10 and Luke 24:45 KJV).

It is therefore, very important to understand,,,,, that the Bible, speaking within its threefold levels of truth, uses examples of actual history and story on one level and for other levels uses that same history and story as metaphors, swoos, and personality types. In a number of instances, these said examples are used as mysterious shadows, deeply profound, and representative of the deep enfold level for the first formed character of a different presentation.

These said synthesized characters, some even pseudonyms, are often tangential and consubstantial of figuration, inasmuch as they are belonging to a whole story of a first formed character presentation in addition to the story they appear (compare Jeremiah 31:15 and Matthew 2:16-18 KJV). So then, this is true even though these shadow characters are set in Scripturally diverse settings that on the surface seem to have no context to the subject being applied to (compare Hebrews 8:4-5 KJV).

There are artless minds who cannot in their thinking link anything that seems parabolic of measure. Like a wheel of stubble, a wheel of tumbling weeds, they continue to roll up the road to nowhere. Jesus referred to such persons as those who need healing of their insight. Although we still love such persons, that does not mean we are ready by any means to cozy up to their diminished insight. Jesus wants to breathe upon them and say: Receive the Holy Ghost! (St. John 20:22 KJV paraphrased). “No good thing will God withhold from them who walk uprightly” (compare Psalms 84:11 KJV).

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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