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As to the interpretation of the Bible there is much confusion and disagreement between the scholars and translators.  There are many kinds of analytical methods and techniques for finding interpretation of a word.  Listed below are some of the techniques used by the Manifester Yada Ministry.


  • Original Language, Language dictionary and lexicon meanings.
  • Root meanings.
  • Associated meanings, word derivatives, hypernyms, and used but being non-indicated ellipsis where meanings are to be understood. 
  • Breaking down a word into meanings of their parts.
  • Spiritual meanings and literal interpretation by Holy Spirit Revelation.  
  • Historical and Culture including Achah research to the meaning of names and places given in the Bible as relative to additional insights.
  • Bible Contextual meaning: total Bible, book, chapter, and or verse context. 
  • Selection between or of either: The Practical approach versus The Theoretical Conceptional diagnostic approach.
  • Co-occurring - co-definitions defined as language flow comparatives.
  • Forensic Template compilation.
  • Bible Synecdoches, a word used as a part that expresses by that part a greater whole of the subject.  
  • Hierarchical etymology pertaining to the Bibliography field.

For easier understanding I will define the terms manifest conjunctive synecdoche and metonymy, which term methods are often used in the Bible:

  • Manifest: To bring to light, to make known.
  • Conjunctive: A grammar term meaning connective, serving to join.
  • Metonymy: (mito’nimee) The replacement of a word by another word closely related to the original.
  • Synecdoche: (sin-ek-doe-kee) A word describing a part of a thing, person, or expression, which nevertheless stands for the whole of a thing, person, or expression. Also, where a term is used to describe the whole of a thing, person, or expression which nevertheless stands for all its parts. Also understanding one thing with another.
Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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