Sunday, 23 October 2011


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, presents - If "the body without the spirit is dead", what is the spirit without the body? - Part 5

To understand the law of "displacement" in the spiritual sense, is a knowledge much exceeding just the idea of making empty room so that there would be room for another or different substance.

The Bible tells a story about when a demon was cast out of a person but that person did nothing about filling the space within them that had been occupied by the cast out demon.   The story proceeds to say that:  the cast out demon went and joined a group of other demons to strengthen his capabilities to reenter the lost space in that person. 

This plan was successful, and now the person who for a while was freed from the demon, due to the increased number of demons was in a worse state than when there was just the one demon possession because now there were 7 demons in possession. 

We can see by this story that the space within the living human body, and no doubt due to the spirit of the body that lives there, is favorite space for displaced demon entities.  The Bible expresses that this major additional possession occurred because that person neglected  to attend to the law of displacement. 

When the demons are displaced from the body, the Bible says:  the demon or demons wander in dry places of the deep finding no rest.  However, when the human gets a demon or demons, that human looses God's Gift of "Rest" because of the demons.  The spirit of the mortal is so important to the well being and life of the mortal that the Bible says:  "The body without the spirit dies". 

In Part 5, the journey will go deeper into the revelation of the state of absolute destined space in each mortal,  which space, when opened in mind to the connection understanding of the destiny of ones own spirit in their mortal body, is sometimes called:  "the angel of their presence", truly, a message of that which was, which is, and which is to come.


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