Sunday, 22 May 2011


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, Teaches on the Revelation of

The Mountain of Transfiguration

This presentation will include finishing up on the subjects of the part 8 teaching and then to launch into the event and meaning of the "Transfiguration".

There is much revelation on this subject not understood by the people masses. How could the transfiguration affect not only the body but also the clothes of Jesus? What is the physical process?

Was this energy affect the same or similar that left the imprint on "The Shroud". What does the Bible mean when it says the countenance of Jesus was altered. Is the transfiguration the method for angel and saintly persons being able to appear in different body forms?

When Peter, John and James saw the glory of Jesus, exactly what was that glory? What kind of white and glistering that happened on the Mount is the Bible referring to? When the Cloud spacecraft "overshadowed" the mountain what does that really mean?

Whosoever has an ear to hear, now is the time to listen... Also if time for those interested in a subaudition trip to the mountain of Hermon also called Sion it is planned by Jerry O. Lee to by the Spirit take you in the Spirit to the Mountain of Hermon.

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