Sunday, 27 December 2015


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "THE EXODUS EXCAPE" - Part 9

It has been said by a great scientist that physical motion, time, and space, are not absolute...and that is true.

But that does not mean there are not some absolute events that happen in physical motion, time and space.

In the once upon a when there was a Pharoah who was part Nubian and Part Semite (who spoke a Semitic type language such as Arabs and Jews).

It was this Pharoah who made Joseph, who was a son of Jacob, to be second in command over Lower Egypt.

Many renditions have been Guessed about this particular Pharaoh's origin yet none have stood out to tell the whole story.

Now in this telling of Exodus Escape 9, as though the moment had come to open a passage into time, the Manifester Yada, manifests this story.

In a countervail wisp of time and dimension happening, the Yada \in a when of time, was caught up in the glory of a Shekinda mind and met a Dignitary who not only told him this awesome story but also commissioned him to manifest this story to the world. (compare Psalms 68:13, 18:15-16, and St. John 21:25 KJV).

The goings of the Lord God could be heard in the rushing of the Holy Winds. (Compare, Psalms 68:24 and Acts 2:2 KJV).

Then this word was lit up: PRINCES SHALL COME OUT OF EGYPT; ETHIOPIA (The Nubians), shall soon (in the quickening) stretch out their hands unto God. (Ministry past and future to be made known. Psalms 68:13 KJV).

The timing of this reveal is connected to the manifesting about the 20,000 Chariots of fire (Zziths) and angels at mount Sinai during the time of the Exodus Escape, Psalms 68:17 KJV).

Who was the Pharoah who PRECEDED the following cruel Pharoah of whom it was written in Exodus 1:8...There arose up (from upper Egypt) a new Pharoah who did not know Joseph.

So the year 2015 is near to the end and a new year comes. If an evil ruler arises, in 2016, then be sure that at the same time a Holy One (like unto Moses) will also arise. Please don't misquote this question...


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