Sunday, 29 November 2015


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "THE EXODUS EXCAPE" - Part 5

At the time of the Moses Exodus there was a congregation commission called "Proxy". The whole Exodus army of Moses was so commissioned. But there were among the soldiers those who by their own choice became non-conductors of that commission.

On the long Exodus Escape march the stones were forced to "cry out" because of this attitude and disobedience. Jesus spoke of this crying out of the stones, (Luke 19:40 KJV).

There was an angelic plan to imbue an empowerment in the troops to not need food or water during their march through the Zin wilderness. This plan however, was not conceivable by the leadership nor the army and consequently, instead there arose a rebellion over the lack of water.

The solution would cause a large rock of stones to cry out water for the army and its beasts, because of due to not believing, God was not sanctified,and as a result Moses and Aaron and the army called the "congregation" would not cross the Jordan to see the promise land. The commission was compromised at Massah and Merribah in the wilderness of Sin (Also called Zin).

What was not realized by the commissioned soldiers was the under-lying Lucifer-Satan influence to stop their crossing of the Jordan, and to stop their total destruction of the giants, (the Nephillim). And to above all, to stop the commission and the plan of the pass-over escape to defy his plans for mount Hermon.

The Holy Scripture in Isaiah 14:12-17 reveals the plot of Lucifer-Satan to "sit on "the mount of congregation in the sides of the north", (a 33.33 degrees of meridian description that is precisely mount Hermon). This scripture further describes Lucifer-Satan's success of destroying the "Wilderness" God plan. Your eyes will open like flying saucers zooming away from doubt when you hear the depth of this true reveal.

Don't miss this broadcast! There will be a clear Bible proof presented regarding the meaning of the Bible's use of the term "congregation" and regarding the awesomeness of the Passover Exodus Escape plan.


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