Sunday, 10 April 2016


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "THE EXODUS EXCAPE" - Part 24


The LORD called to Moses and said: come up to the top of the mountain. Then Moses went up to the top of the mountain where the LORD was standing...(Exodus 19:20 KJV). It is a climb of acclivity to reach the top of most any mountain. It takes strength, determination, and a dedication of purpose. There is a view from a mountain top that is usually superior. Often the glory of what is NOT at first comprehended exists as mysterious luminaries. Those luminaries were no doubt Zzith space ships, one of which lowered the LORD to the mountain for his meeting with Moses. The seeing of something the human mind is not acquainted with and has no vocabulary to describe can be a daunting experience. With the awakening that was coming to Moses an event of bringing the beauty and power of the spiritual world as unfolded into the physical realm of the said mountain top... was at hand. The ordinary was being set aside. This was a new kind of time not related to dials of time but related to the power of a new order of the mind's way of thinking. The God LORD was about to teach Moses many inward principles about spiritual life. A spiritual contemplation was developing in Moses quite opposite to his raising. The truth of God's existence was for some time no longer a philosophical, metaphysical, speculation to Moses, but this mountain top experience was even more toward an awesome heavenly level of reveal.

God's "First Born Blessing" revelation was upon Moses to know and to administer. (Exodus 13:1-2 KJV). Although Moses did not know it at first this was about the New Testament revelation about the Church of the First Born in Heaven. To understand this he would first need to understand such major knowledge as who the mortals were, why were they on earth, and what was the plan of salvation. This awesome knowledge could not be contained only in the partial reveal of that subject by Abraham, and Job. Moses was shown a deeper side with a great far reaching. The power also of the Blessings and the Curses was a factor for overcoming and Moses taught his people about it as the Israelites passed by the mount of Blessings and the Mountain of Curses. The message of the leaven and unleavened bread was a deep teaching about the spirit effect within the human body and was tied into the awesome revelation of the Passover. Also, the use of the offering lamb was a symbol of the Lamb in life's mirror into the salvation offering of redemption by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the One who would rise in ministry like unto himself.

Although the ministry of Moses did not reach perfection, the blame was mostly on those rebellious persons of the tribes who challenged every miracle. Moses was a warrior and he sought to destroy opposition from every angle, and at the end of his life for that, he was denied to physically enter the Promise Land. However, in the duality he was accounted true to his call as his flesh could stand to be, and he would not be denied to stand spiritually in the Promise Land on the mount of translation with Jesus Christ. In the translation on that mount, Moses would be made to shine by the Christ who in time on the cross, would ask God to forgive those persons who participated in their minds to crucified Him because they knew not what they were doing.

On the backside of the desert Moses doing a job of family obligation and making a living, discovered the burning bush and the Mountain of God. Different dimensions have different reveals. The First Book of Moses was called Genesis. It is rich beyond imagination and its revelation and knowledge has barely been scratched. The story of angels, the story of the Fathers, the story of love and sin and overcoming is plush with descriptions. Moses was a "say it like it is" kind of person, and the LORD loved him for that aspect of his character. When you journey through the five books of Moses it prepares you to meet the Rock of ages who was deeply involved as leader of the holy cloud array of zziths and His thousands of angels (Psalms 68:17 KJV) who were definitely present to guide the Exodus Escape happening.

The Manifester Yada has been revealed volumes regarding the Exodus Escape story and most of the whole that is a foundation and part of that incredible reality. I the Manifester Yada bid you at this opportunity of a lifetime to not fail hearing these teachings.


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