Sunday, 03 April 2016


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, teaches on "THE EXODUS EXCAPE" - Part 23


Using invisible track-ways in a super kind of spiritual space (that has no cognizance to most human beings) exists main life, whose credits of existing and whose vestries once known, tell ancient histories of implicit realities which have scopes that reach even beyond the stars... This main life called a "spirit" must deal constantly with opposite energies that confront the human body house where such a spirit abides.

There are messages in triangles, lines, points, and angles most amazing of information that is relevant to knowledge that opens spiritual gates, (Genesis 28:17). For instance, the internal angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. in the full meaning of duality, 180 plus 180 (the unity of opposites) equals 360 degrees which is a circle and a potential revelation of many things. Consequently, the knowledge of a triangle piece of mentality and its potential representations via a duality allows intrusion into uncommon space. In Psalms 19 of the Bible, it is said the "line" goes out into all existence and there exists no place nor language this line does not have a presence. It is both manifold and manifest of importance to the fundamental knowledge about physical and spiritual life that insight about the "spirit" which each person possesses be revealed... Invisible circuits, some lost, (some waiting to be found), some waiting for the fullness of time to be revealed, nevertheless are real in a deep sense imagined and not imagined.

The occurrences of vanishings via the often failure of maintaining a presence of mind called "memories" is scary to those persons whose attention spans and memories are subject to distractions and loss by brain information misplacement. The callings to "study to be approved", "waiting upon the LORD", are in themselves escape routes out of the spiritual Egypt where the Bible says Jesus Christ, was crucified (Revelation 11:8). obviously according to Rev. 11:8, there existed at the same time of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ a dual location of that crucifixion, the Jerusalem physical area location and the Egypt spiritual area location. That particular reference be-speaks two dimensions, but are there other dimensions and other times or periods of timelessness that the said crucifixion occurred? Absolutely, for the same book of Revelations speaks of Jesus being the Lamb as slain (for the same salvation purpose) as an event from the foundations of the world, (Revelations 13:8 KJV).

All of these things just said have a spin relationship with the deep meanings of Bible terms and words like: "Selah", "Melchisedec", the "Father's House" "entanglement", "Photo-translation", "Holy Ghost". and more. Keep in mind that many things exist by descriptions and definitions that are not valid. This skewed comprehension created by in-correct definitions has strung many a human mind into-wind ups that are reverse to the quality of real knowledge, wisdom, and peace within. As these incorrect definitions come under the manifest microscope, potentially devastating germs of false premises never seen before are revealed. I am weary (outside of the good and right suppositions) of those incoherent theories upon which science and religion have built castles in the air that are made out of puffs of toxic man made myths.

On the Selah trail is a path split-off that touches the ladder lattice of "Jacob's ladder" (Genesis 28:12 KJV), and the"Mahanaim" revelation, (Genesis 32:2). Such are counterpart realms that can be used with ease by those who are taught how to use a simple order of conduction. As the physical world is moving exponentially with huge advances in discoveries and inventions, even more so, the spiritual counter-world, is opening up awesome advances in the spiritual Christian realms.

Come with me into the energy dots of the origins. In the pi of the circle, triangulate with me in the 180 degrees of the duality of circles that quotum-wise equals 9 gifts of the Spirit, (SEE NEW TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES). Within those nine gifts of the Spirit is the gift of "Helps", This is a gift from the Spirit gateway for flights to beautiful dimensions of truth beyond all imagination.


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