Sunday, 03 July 2011


Dr. Jerry O. lee Answers Questions Submitted by our Listeners

Fibonacci the great mathematical genius, would enjoy, if he was still alive, giving an ear to this teaching.  His interpose of taking the first two numbers and adding them, then taking the sum as a number factor and adding that to the last number of the prior two numbers and on into infinity has been shown to have many points of useful connections.  Fibonacci launched his figures from this series to the discover of the Golden Section.

The Angels Wars 1,2, and 3, seem to favor certain exponential factors that seem to parallel Fibonacci's horizontal outcropping, by using an existing  source to advance in numbers to a forward increase.  Lucifer's Satan plan to use an auto sequencer entailing a similar method like unto the Fibonacci sequences, via to move the atomic lattice of His Mantis creations forward in atomic codes difficult for opposition to crack is already known by certain Seer Prophets.

The White Horse Riders, and the Manifesters will war by the Spirit against the hoards of the Locust/Mantis.  Let your eyes be opened as Dr. Jerry O. Lee, reveals this hidden information in the Bible.

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