Sunday, 05 June 2011


Dr. Jerry O. lee Answers Questions Submitted by our Listeners

Dr. Jerry O. Lee, will answer questions provided by EMAIL from our readers and followers.

These questions are sometimes quite extensive. This is one of the most popular Teachings we do. Some of the questions to be addressed are......

1. If Eve had not eaten of the forbidden fruit how would that have affected Jesus going to the Cross?
2. What does "Abraham's Bosom" refer to in the Bible?
3. When people die does their spirit go into a limbo or purgatory state that could last thousands of years?
4. Is there a another chance as in having another chance for redemption after failure and death in one's first life?
5. Who should a person pray to: God or Jesus?
6. How can only a Trillion Angels use up 70 thousands years of time on Earth?
7. Was Noah's Ark a Zzith?
8. Should Christians pray for Lucifer?
9. Who is the prodigal son?
10. When will the 3rd Angel Wars happen?

These are just a few of the Questions that have come in for this Manifest Broadcast. There are many other questions asked, some of these questions will really open your minds.

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