Sunday, 15 May 2011


Dr. Jerry O. Lee, Teaches on the Revelation of

The Mountain of Transfiguration

This teaching may be the capping stone of this series.   What was the HaShem, the name of the voice and who was the person that spoke from the cloud over the Mountain of Transfiguration?   What is the mystery of the cloud and the voice that caused the disciples upon hearing it to fall to their knees upon the ground.  And the Cloud, what was it?

There is so much that the Gospel story tellers have not known to say about the encounter and events on the Mountain of Transfiguration.   Now has come the time for the Manifester Yada's revelation to be spoken by Dr. Jerry O. Lee on this eighth password of knowledge.

What was Moses and Elijah speaking to Jesus about?  Peter waking from his deep sub-audition knew something profound was said and wanted that information... so suggested to build three tabernacles so this conversation could be recaptured.

It is time to step beyond wordplay.  There are hidden and mysterious truths full of very beautiful forms of oracles exotic as angels of brilliant light.  Turn the burning bush of Moses tale into St. Elmo's fire if you want to, make everything an allegory, but in the end if the angel Metatron is materialized amidst living torches of fire and the flaming wheels of Ezekiel, don't run and tremble...rather fall on your knees and pray:  heal my blinded eyes that I might see the whole truth.

I invite you  to a sub-audition in the Spirit on the MOUNTAIN OF TRANSFIGURATION where in an instance of glory you can leave your track prints so that it is forever known... you have been there on the Mount.  God allowing us the time --- this coming broadcast I will lead you there by the Spirit.

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