Fairy Lightning Pie

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Two Large Fluffy Clouds Rolled Over and Over By the Love in the Air’

One Crisp Cool Summer Morning’ then let it Sit’ Then Pair’

A wisp of ancient Crystals’ with a little extra to Spare’

A Double Dash of Rosemary Breath’ to Brighten’ its Flair’

A Day and a half of Summer Rain’ and Dew’

Then Something to Hold this’ Wonderful Brew’

And an Old earthen vessel’ of Stone ‘it may be Just Right’

Roll in the Clouds & Loved; by the Air’ over night;

Toss in The Ancient Crystals’ Oh lets make it Make it A Pair’

Let the Mighty Wind Blow on the; Rosemary Breath’

Let the Sky Pour in the Summer Rain and Dew’

Then as it sits in A New Summer Sun’

We Can Wait; and Have some Fun’

Then Pray and Laugh and dance and Sing’

With all that is within you’ or that you can bring’

While it Sparkles and Flashes; and thunder and things’

Oh! It Bubbles’ and Pops’ and Never’ stops’

The Sweet Smell of Its Flavors will Rise High into the Air’

So Strong and Loving ‘that the Fairies ‘soon’ will be There’

When The Spirit of An Earth Fairy is Happy and Bright’

Their Joy’ is As the Lighting’ as they spark though your sight’ it enters Your Heart’ It Enters your Life’

It Beats down The Walls of Stone and Despair’

It Brightens Your Life So All Beware’

When you’re Sad or Lonely or Just Feeling Blue’

Or Maybe the Loss of a loved one True’ or’

An Old Friend you once knew’ Always Remember’

A Fairy Lighting Pie Might Just Do.Fairy Lightning Pie

Many Willows
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Many Willows

I was born in St. Louis Mo.

When I was 6 yrs old we move to a little French township called Florissant; located within minutes of the Convergence of Where two Rivers Meet, the Mississippi River & the Missouri River; Just a little east of the Missouri River Are what we call The Great River Buffs, several hundred feet high, that run along the Mississippi River; There is an Indian legend, that follows these bluffs, The Legend of The Piasa Bird, which was carved into the Bluff Facing; and since restored; I have been there many times, I have made the climb to the top of the Bluffs on more than one occasion, which is not an easy task;

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