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Moreover as we walk in the fields, of earths abundances, a dark flagship passes over head, unaware that depressions of unattended situations arise as a mighty wind, and destroy all the positive awareness’s that we have built to gain mental strengths for the coming lowlands of our journeys, as a catching of unwanted dust, we wipe the frowns off our faces, not showing that the enemy has touch us, looking within our self, victory at a glance alludes us, tabulations of past events fall from our mind as rocks over the edge of a cliff, higher awareness’s come forth as the groaning of hurt befall our mind,

and bring us into a greeting circle of thought processes, for evaluations of reward, also knowing that our mental climate will only return to the fields of yesterdays passed, there is a place of untold victory hid from the flesh within each person, a golden fire of understanding, given unto the spirit man or woman, standing, waiting, to bless and guild through the dark flagships of life, knowing also that life has mine fields, of thought and reactions, that destroy all flesh, a Stewart of calling beckons your soul, an Angel of light stands before you with outstretched arms, “Come this way my friend, follow me, my heart passes the thrown of God daily my brother, and I will guild you through the fields of pain and sorrows; Let now I pray you, that your tears have emanations of truth in them, and that your heart shines outward unto all that have need of your knowing, I Am your Guarding Angel who walks through the Golden Fires, I am Always Present, Know that you are not alone, God our Father has sent me, The Watcher of His Children, “Suffer the Little Ones to Come unto Me, for of such, is the Kingdom of Heaven” and except you become as little children you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven;

Many Willows
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Many Willows

I was born in St. Louis Mo.

When I was 6 yrs old we move to a little French township called Florissant; located within minutes of the Convergence of Where two Rivers Meet, the Mississippi River & the Missouri River; Just a little east of the Missouri River Are what we call The Great River Buffs, several hundred feet high, that run along the Mississippi River; There is an Indian legend, that follows these bluffs, The Legend of The Piasa Bird, which was carved into the Bluff Facing; and since restored; I have been there many times, I have made the climb to the top of the Bluffs on more than one occasion, which is not an easy task;

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