Angel of Time

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And I saw Angel Standing on the Mountain of Moses; and his stature reach passed the clouds of Heaven. And in his right and left hand, were Flaming swords of fire, with lightning’s and thundering as he moved his hands blazing with the words of Creation; His appearance was as the light, of the Holiness, of Am. And as I looked to see the lightings,

Flames came forth from the swords and covered the children of earth, and they were sealed with the seal of Am. And after this I looked again and lightings came forth from the his swords, and filled the heavens, as though touching every Planet in the universe, as one; And behold a Great turning circle of light filled the vastness of all creation, and a Great Transfiguration took Place; The Heavens were filled with floating lights of spirit, as though a rest was taking place,

Then a Pause of sort, Then as with one accord every light disappeared in an instant of time, and a Great darkness filled the voids of the where the lights were;

And the earth was void and without form, and darkness was upon the face of the deep;

And there was no Day, and there was no Night,

Many Willows
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Many Willows

I was born in St. Louis Mo.

When I was 6 yrs old we move to a little French township called Florissant; located within minutes of the Convergence of Where two Rivers Meet, the Mississippi River & the Missouri River; Just a little east of the Missouri River Are what we call The Great River Buffs, several hundred feet high, that run along the Mississippi River; There is an Indian legend, that follows these bluffs, The Legend of The Piasa Bird, which was carved into the Bluff Facing; and since restored; I have been there many times, I have made the climb to the top of the Bluffs on more than one occasion, which is not an easy task;

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