Iron Goat Trail

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Sometimes Time Runs Out of Kilter.

I don’t know if the hands on the clock turn around and actually run backwards, or if time really does occasionally run in reverse.

But I do know that once in a while memories become as real as Mama’s apple wood switch and the sting is as sharp as new open heel blisters from wearing hand-me-down boots.

I also know that deja vu is just another name for those Awakened memories.

But I don’t know what goes on when a boy remembers things that happened before he was ever born.

I don’t know why I remember what happened at the site of the original cascade tunnel in 1910.

Sometimes I still walk east on highway 2 for about five and a half miles and then turn left onto an unmarked road.

I keep walking through the thick vegetation until I reach a sign that says Iron Goat Trail.

From there I visit a place I know, where I can see the Old Cascade Tunnel.

But I never go there at night.

Not because of the ghosts.

But because of the bears and the cougars.

I really don’t like visiting the place.

It’s a place of death.

In 1910 three trains were stuck here in the snow.

They were swept into the creek by a massive avalanche.

One hundred people were killed.

Because there has never been a memorial erected for them they say the ghosts of all those people still haunt the mountain.

It’s the eeriest place I’ve ever been. Not because of the ghosts, but because I remember.

I don’t really believe in ghosts.

But sometimes I still walk east on highway 2 and I still haunt the mountain.


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Londis Carpenter

Londis Carpenter is a published poet and author. He began his writing career at age sixty, after friends and relatives asked him to put his stories and poems into written form. This effort resulted in his first book, Sketches From Life, which received a five star rating from Midwest book Review - (READ MORE)

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