If The World Had No More Poets

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If the world had no more poets
There’s so much we wouldn’t know
About lands beyond the rainbow
Places we could never go
Secrets hidden in the darkness
Treasure buried in a cache
Places only poets wander
Sipping nectar from their casks.
If we didn’t have song writers
Who would teach us how to feel?
Or to sing, “Walk on, walk on…”

When depression robs our zeal
No songs to sing our sadness
No melodies of mirth
No anthems to build morale
And remind us of our worth

If all artists should disappear
Leaving Earth in disarray
The confusion and disorder
Is a price I’d hate to pay
The scars of men’s untidiness
Would appear to be a sign
That Earth’s highest creation
Lacked seeds of the divine

Poems are the dreams of thought
Music the breath of life
The Beauty artisans create
Make order out of strife
The world would be a harsher place
And Time be cruel indeed
Without these gifts Muses have shared
With Adam and his seed

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