Whisper Sweet Thunderings

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Whisper sweet thunderings of Your voice through my ears: do that I might hear the darling voice of Yahvael's Love-to-Life Breath. Sweet nectar of honeycombs drip off the strands of Your hair. I will catch them with my bucket. Your fingertips are aglow from the vibrations of Love that You bare.

Your eyes are soft like candle lights. Your feet tell stories of many places where you have walked. I am wrapped up in many layers like scarves - these once dull scarves, full of no color, and boring as far as I could see. You saw something else;

You gave these scarves colors of many and full of beauty. With just a touch, You gave me faith. I kneel before You in Your holy living waters, letting the breeze of Your wind catch my hair and Your Holy Kiss plant against my cheek.

Ahh!! Yahvael, twinkling stars bounce around me, humming in unity. As I hold out my palms, the stars join together and travel to my palms. They feel like millions of tiny heartbeats that I will keep close to my heart. Selah!

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