Never Look Back

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Prisms and punctual dots dance around You.

I breathe; I curve; I sow.

What is this pounding in my heart that says, ” Reach out and touch the stars; your calling has come”? I skippity skip; I prance. My feet will not touch the ground. I am skipping on the everlasting cloud that has been made by Yahvael’s breath of Life. When you feel lonely, depressed, and so on, don’t give up. Will you feel satisfied giving up?

Won’t it only make you feel less to yourself? God has a masterful plan that will light up the ends of your fingertips until your whole body glows from AMs Aura. Be patient and listen. Just like a seed that has been planted in the ground, it takes time for it to blossom.

O’ Lord, You are the master of unconditional Love, You know which way to turn the puzzle piece for it to fit. Father, be patient with me, for I have much to learn; but I wish to know unconditional Love. I pray that I will be able to use this love properly through Your mercy and grace. There is so much I want to do but can only do through You.

So many look through the glass darkly, but I do not want to be limited to looking through only that glass anymore. I will speak to the glass in the kindest way until it quickens and I can see through it and never look back. I am a small, but You are a tall. Therefore, I will enjoy learning Your ways and sitting on Your shoulder as I hear Your laughter ringing through my ears. I Love You, precious Lord.

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