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Let the mind flow, and the heart reach.
O’ ye of little faith; do not trail your muck around in your circle.
Come unto Yahvael. Put your worries, dreams, plans, before the altar.\

Our Father,,,,,Yahvael, will take those things which we dwell our hearts on and make them into something wonderful. Yahvael understands how important these things are. Who yet better than Yah to handle such things, so that we may be free and seek the Kingdom of God?

O’ Living Waters, as Your Love tears fall, they turn into honey-drips- May we taste from these honey-drips because we are thirsty for Your Love. As this Love fills Yahs being, may it also fill our beings that we may become more like You. In my heart, I feel I do not belong here, yet I must live in this Tartaroo to help the groups that are lost in despair that they may be free. One night, as I was staring into the sky, I realized that even at night when it becomes dark it is not truly dark.

Our Lord has put stars in the skies, and they are little lights of their own. If all the stars can add off each other and make more light, then why can’t we? We need to digest this Manifest revelation, so that the Destinata can be a light to many others and make them see the true awesomeness of God’s Glory.

I know the time will come when we will join together to become the Bride of Christ.
I Love you! Selah!

Angel Whispers
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