Lord, I Love You

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O' Lord, I am counting on You to wind my clock and keep it in tune, to grace the leaves upon my forehead until they become rainbows of pleasantries in the wind. Lord, You are my strength which I hold onto. You are the battery that keeps me charged. You are the essence that fills my beling. You are the cup of which I drink. You are the All in All and the One of One; Father, I Love you, You keep the essence of my spirit uplifted in Your palms until I am as free as a bird, ready to take flight.

Free the souls that are lost in despair of their own war of mind. Heal them, O' Father; for they are precious souls that need your Love, for without your Love all hope is lost. If we dive in too quickly, we will drown; but in the Love of the Lord, who sets His angels to encompass us, we are forever in your Grace. Yahveal, though at times it may seem like we are going through the magma of the lava, the burnings of time, it is only a state of mind; for if it were not so, You would not have put us here.

You make everything into a positive, and that is where I want to live. Let the Devil take no credit, for all credit belongs to God and only to God. You are my Love of all Loves; help me to remember that I always must put You first. Father, please help me accomplish my Cinderella dreams. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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