Little Lonny Me-Oh-My

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Little Lonny Me-Oh-My
Wrote songs that made the girls all cry
And when his songs began to play
It made them dance their tears away

Little Lonny My-Oh-Me
Took all their tears and made a sea

With words from songs he built a boat
That carried all his dreams afloat

Aboard his lyric boat for years
He sailed upon this sea of tears
And while at sea more songs he wrote
This salty captain in his boat

Words upon paper in a book
He used to bait and trim a hook
And captured fishes in the sea
Did Little Lonny My-Oh Me

And on the sea his songs were heard
By every fish and water bird
While far away from ports and piers
He drifted on this sea of  tears

Until a stormy gale one day
Took him even further away
To men whose ships were lost at sea
Little Lonny My-Oh-Me

Then to his songs and quite by chance
Those lost at sea began to dance
Drawn by the rhythm of their feet
Their ships became a mighty fleet

And soon their way back home they found
They hugged their wives and kissed the ground
And when they sang his songs that day
Little Lonny sailed away

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Londis Carpenter

Londis Carpenter

Londis Carpenter is a published poet and author. He began his writing career at age sixty, after friends and relatives asked him to put his stories and poems into written form. This effort resulted in his first book, Sketches From Life, which received a five star rating from Midwest book Review - (READ MORE)

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