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(Compare  Joel 2:28)
The Holy Spirit was felt powerfully that day!
For about a half hour to an hour while at my work as a carpenter several months ago, I felt  suspended in  consciousness to a position several feet  higher than my body. It seemed as if I was observing from a distance what I was doing. During this time I felt what I can best describe as a thickness in the air; a warm tingling feeling.

I was fully able to do the work I was doing, yet sensed that I was more present in the spiritual realm than in my physical place of work; fully able to perform my duties, participating and talking to co-workers as usual, but watching myself from a distant deep spiritual awareness (another world behind a thin veil).... my voice and those of others talking sounding distant as if coming from down a hallway.

During this time a certain knowing (messages) became profoundly clear to my mind and felt in my inner being - with vibrancy, as to the meanings of the dream I had the night before.....

In my dream I was in an outdoor ancient Roman type stadium made totally out of stone. It was full of people at an event, and I was one of them seated near the middle on the west side. In my dream I got down out of the stands and out of the venue at which point I immediately found myself in another scene. Now I was following and helping to push a wheeled container filled with rocks (or stones) if I was involved in stone work/masonry.

Others where with me. Going up a hill road we came to a finished tall stone wall - finished except for one small rectangular hole about six feet up, at my eye level, near the middle of the wall.  I searched for and found a stone in our wagon that easily fit into the space and the wall was completed... I cannot shake the feeling that this was a glimpse into a previous life of my spirit somewhere around the 12th Century in a male body house.

If you doubt the possibility of this happening I invited you to go to the link called  MANIFESTER BROADCASTS on this website and check out “Reingeneration” Parts 1 - 4, to see the Biblical basis for this.

You will see, like never before, the fairness and love of God in his accounting and judging of every life lived on earth, including yours: truly a beautiful aspect of his character of holiness!

As to the meanings of the dream, they are personal, but I will share them anyway as an encouragement for you to ask God if he is saying something to you when you have dreams.

The stone wall with a hole in it represents the Bible, which to most people, it seems, is like an unfinished puzzle with pieces missing, rendering it largely not understood.

My finding the stone that completed the wall represents my gift and mission which is to do my part in helping people understand the Bible so that all it’s pieces will eventually make sense.
Further, the stone wall also represents the “12 pillars” mentioned in the Bible which are symbolic of the foundations of the Kingdom of God (ascended people of God - overcomers  - participants in).

The stone that fit represents me. I was that stone being put into the place where I uniquely belong in serving God.

There is a place for you too. It is for your joy that God wants you there.

Deep Root
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