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When I'm all alone in my reverie, I often still recall The things we children did for fun, and my favorite of them all. I picture life the way it was in frames my memory brings And in my fondest visions I have Images Of Swings. The swing set in the schoolyard where I often spent recess-- The great large swings down at the park (these were the very best)-- And my most joyful memory was the summer or the spring A man mom hired to do some chores built us a back yard swing.

When by myself and all alone I always loved to swing. And if no one was listening I'd hum a tune or sing. And while my swing would climb and soar, I'd sing out to the skies. I'd sing my favorite melodies to birds and butterflies. Sometimes I'd swing so high and far I'd nearly loop around the bar. I wanted so to make that trip, But feared the fall should my hands slip. I would swing till I got almost there. Yet, still afraid to take the dare, I'd pump real hard a final round And jump, and fly and hit the ground. I'd show off how far I could sail, To hide my fear to cross the rail. And in my own imaginations Crowds would cheer congratulations. Did you love to swing when you were young? Did you sing songs as you flew along? Did you leap to see how far you'd sail? Did you long to circle around the rail? I'm older now and wouldn't care To jump from swings or fly through air. But found an even better thing; Beside Charlene in our front porch swing.

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Londis Carpenter

Londis Carpenter

Londis Carpenter is a published poet and author. He began his writing career at age sixty, after friends and relatives asked him to put his stories and poems into written form. This effort resulted in his first book, Sketches From Life, which received a five star rating from Midwest book Review - (READ MORE)

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