Holy Words Of Yahveal

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Let not the devil’s rhythm tricks strike you down.
Haven’t you dilly-dallied in the dark long enough?
Don’t ponder in the negative zone; it will not get you far. Let the winds of Yahvael’s breath come upon you and make you whole. Don’t stew over your own muck….. What good is that, when only seconds away Yahveal’s Love waits behind your doors? Yahs calling you to come and be wrapped in Yahs Loveliness of Love. Break the bond that binds you; cut the cord.

Listen to the wonders of Yahvael’s holy words. Be of many fruits, colors,,,,, like an omelet mixed with many vegetables. I have stumbled on the ground and hit my face, but I shall not give up. Yes, the devil might be laughing; but I will not stoop to that low: I will raise my hands and glorify the Lord, and the devil will flee. Nay, do not tremble; for the Lord will provide a coat for you made out of angels’ breath. Yah is a Prince of Peace, not a Prince of War,,,,,

a Prince of Love, not a Prince of Hate,,,,,
a Prince of Mercy, not a Prince of Judgment,,,,,
a Prince of Healing, not a Prince of Suffering.

Yes, God allows things to happen; but it is only because Yah has such Love for us and Yah knows better than anyone, including ourselves, what belongs to our peace.

Father, let the angels come palm to palm and sing songs of love, so that we might slumber in Your relaxation. May I continue to ride this cloud with You, O’ Lord. I know it’s only a matter of time until the Destinata get on board Your train. I Love You! Selah!

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