Dream - Something had happened to the earth

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Something had happened to the earth. The earth had been destroyed, but it destroyed itself in layers. The first layer was the Eiffel Tower, and then it was the trees, grass, soil, sand and then the water. As soon as that happened a voice told me that it was no trouble for God to reproduce individuals; Gabriel was going to be in charge of this reproducing act

Then it was like I was led into this room; and it was like a cave, but the rocks were really sculpted and looked really smooth. They were all shaped in this square that had round edges; they all looked the same. There was this white light that was just floating, and it had a very dark blue light coming out of the middle of it. This light was projecting these symbols all over these rocks, and the symbols where glowing white with a dark blue background. I don't understand what the symbols mean, and I can't even really remember what the symbols were. I just remember that I couldn't understand them.

Then it was like I knew that Gabriel was there, and I had a prevision of someone in white. I don't know if that was him or not. I knew that the glowing light that was floating could only be controlled by Gabriel. I sat down on this bench, and I saw this picture of Jesus Christ. He had His head down, and you could see his bare feet and knees; his elbows where on his knees, and his hands where together. Then I saw Jesus's face appear on the Jesus in the picture on His left knee. The Jesus face on His left knee was all white.  Then there was like a beam of white light streaming out of the picture, and it was either near me or on me.

Then the face of Jesus, the one that had his head down, changed into Jerry Lee's face; and then other people's faces that I didn't recognize, and I got the feeling I wasn't supposed to because every time I would try to focus the faces it would blur out the picture so the only one I saw clearly was Jerry Lee's.

As I was sitting on the bench, I was just crying and crying; and I don't even know why I was crying. I couldn't stop. . The room was dark, and the only thing that was giving this room light was the light floating and the symbols on the rocks. That was the end of the dream

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