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THE PLANET EARTH IS A LIVING PLANET. Earth by its nature has cycles of Earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, and resulting tsunamis. Humans who live on Earth need to catch on as to how to live regardless of these perturbations.

As long as the Earth is a livable planet there will be such causes of perturbations. When the human population was small of number and very little of the Earth was lived upon, these perturbations were insignificant to human life. Now with the huge and growing human population exposure is much more the case.

Of course, there are also possibilities of world mega devastations by asteroids, comets, meteorites, sun flares, and magnetic shifts. None of these happenings are new they have all happened before in the courses of great time and will in the long of time happen again.

Jesus Christ knew these facts and advised his disciples that there would always be earthquakes, wars and famines and the poor, as well as other distressful happenings, but this side of any mega devastations, IT WAS NOT THE END, but time before the end still remained IN THE BEGINNING OR ALPHA PHASE.

As regards the so called 2012 end of the world event...don't buy into it. Nature will have its way as always but it will not wipe out civilization in 2012. IN FACT having received hundreds of come true prophecies, as a seer-prophet, I do not see any main cataclysm or hazard that will jeopardize (as in wiping out) some major life part of the whole world population on this planet at that time.

What about a world war? During the next few years war has minds that are leaning that way. However, if war is held off during that time this planet will enter a time of peace and incredible technological advance in science, medicine, biology and food concepts, extremely advantageous to the nations of the world.

Even if there is a world war it will not be the war of Armageddon, and it will not be a long war, nor the beginning of the so called Great Tribulation.

The United States of America is not going under and will remain at the top of major world powers for at least the next 30 years plus. Major breakthroughs in technology will put America into becoming a greater power than it has ever been.


As concerns climate warming, this will not be stopped until the climate finds it own stopping level. The oceans and seas will swell into vast waterlands.

The present stir in the Arab world will ultimately be for the better good. Other nations will rise to wealth and power. World government will increase developing but not as the office of an Anti Christ. That scenario is quite different that most religious people think.

A great part of the religious world including most faiths are incorrect on their prognosis of world events. When the truth rises to the front of knowledge not one stone of these organizations will be left standing. A new world faith is in the waiting.

Many conspiracy theories will be found fallacious. Their commercial talebearers will hide their faces in shame and rush to change their names.

It is not a good idea in the light of the future rising and consequently disturbed oceans to live on a coast ocean shore setting. If at all possible move inland especially close to a large city with natural and good water supply and crop lands reasonably near by.

Check area history of earthquake cycles, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. Make your residence a location based on as solid safe as possible, yet financially feasible consideration. Don't rush moving to another country you know little about.

Prepare for 10 to 15 years of prepared survival foods. Keep the secret to yourself and use false walls in proper temperature to hide it. Follow according to what your storage rotation use can abide. Tanks of water and other supplies and medicines and first aid will play a major part.

Purchase a Geiger counter, portable off grid cooking stove, lots of blankets and sleeping bags. I will provide a full list at a later time. I do not recommend for the average persons to move into isolated areas. Portable solar light fixtures can be had.

Prepare if at all possible for an emergency to be able to survive for heat and cooking off the commercial grids. This is a science of kind, learn it, if you deem life worth while. You won' be able to feed the whole world but have some extra supplies for others.

This is a survival series that we will begin sending to you in email. If you are not listed with us or you know family or friends who would like to be included please get us your email address and telephone for emergency notices.

Perfect Love casts out all fear. Do Not be afraid.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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  • Liberty


    18 February 2014 pm28 12:18 |
    Well, I am wanting to be included in any and all postings and emailings.

    this has been on my heart and mind for some time, now. My home which is in a more isolated area is on the market for sale. I will be moving to have room for garden, chicken, room to help my disabled sister and parents if they have not passed away. I have started a survival list, also. Look forward to more info from this group.

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