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A Dark misery blots the scene of forcast  The pulpitries of said Christendom have turned into political laundry mats and the word "dam" has been awarded prestige.   "Dam" they say in so many ways and words is anyone who does not agree with my referendum. 

Many are they of The nation of the USA who have been drawn into gloom and doom by the very believers who are called to bring peace, healing, and deliverance but who have switched from the sweet gate to the gate of turmoil. 

They by deceit are being transfigured more and more into  deceiver' styles with forceful words and forceful pressures to believe their mis-tranlations of the Word and becoming more and more toward  being like spiritual "tasmanian devil wolves" who take by force what they want.  These spirits are of Satan, the enemy of God, and Christians dare not copy these emblems of terror..

I was angry at these ministries for this mass deceit but the Lord said to me:  Son of Dust, quit now your anger.  Pray for them.  I will make your prayers more powerful that a hundred atomic bombs, more powerful than a thousand erroneous pulpiteers. 

Fight against the shadows that loom to pervade against the sweet light. But do so in pray.  For remember and forget not, that the war is against the principalities and powers of the forces of darkness.

Then I cryed and was disturbed at my release of anger, for the Lord showed me to pray and to forgive and to love.  I will wash the night with the light of day.  I will go to the mountain, I will go to the transome point, I will stand in the gap. 

I prophesy against the umbra of spiritual darkness,  I will become poised with needle and thread to fix the tear in the fabic  of Christendom. 

As God stretched out the heavens of this Universe, I will enquire how of God, that I may stretch out AM's mercy unto mercy, amd love unto love, as a constant of re-creation.  I will go to the door posts and strike upon it the blood of the Lamb.  

I will love even more than ever before, integrity, and and sincerity.   I know that events not destined strike and destroy everyday.  I will make my bed at the atlar of prayer.  Light unto light, faith unto faith will come unto me.

Many souls will join me.  Selah

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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  • cecilia gladson

    cecilia gladson

    22 September 2013 am30 11:44 |
    I thank Yaweh for you and Janet . thank you for all you do for us and for your prayers and teachings and beautiful music.
    I am so very grateful and thank you for your prayers, too
    I am praying for you both also and for all of us here at this time which Yaweh chose for us to be endure to the end!
    love and prayers, Cecilia

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