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In regard to what is clearly His will :  like all of us having free choice, and the various laws of the universe,  such as the law of sowing and reaping - it is not right to say  "If the  LORD wills", in these cases. There is no if about it! It IS His will!

Free choice - the freedom of making every decision in life makes all of us fully responsible for everything that we ALLOW to happen.....Yes our power to choose is phenomenal  and when used frees up all our God-given potential when we seriously use it! Yes, we are all in charge of allowing God's intimacy and blessings into our earthly existence, or not! The Infinite Ultimate I AM has decreed it so.

For example, what about a financial goal like making a million? Under free choice, I am in full control of having this as my goal. There is no "if the LORD wills" here. Free choice  IS His will already. If it is to be it IS up to me! I am 100% responsible for my decisions.

So to say if the LORD wills here, sounds to me  like I am giving the responsibility of making the choices He has given to ME to make, back to Him! .

What about the decision that I will be successful and unstoppable in my efforts to reach this goal, does that  push God out? No, rather it's the opposite - because I also intend to trust in His guidance fully in every effort, and with every step I take.

No, I am not puffed up by saying 'I make a million'. I am simply choosing to BELIEVE that with His help I CAN do it.

Also I am not boasting about my tomorrows here either! I  know that I know NOT what will happen tomorrow, and that this life of mine is but a vapour compared to the long of time.

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