Dance of the Overcomer Spirits

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There's no hollow ring to the songs we sing,
For no rebel minds could doubt to us bring,
No forces dark had power of swing,
Our feet were set to dancing!

But first, the burnings in the physical realm,
As mortals we lived with sin at the helm;
Deceived by lies and overwhelmed,
Forgotten was who we are:

Ascended spirits to the First Domain;
Creator Angels then sent out to proclaim;
And to plant the heavens in Jesus's Name:
Our Lord, The Morning Star!

Nothing we knew of our ancient past,
But time we had, while in bodies cast;
A chance for us to return at last;
To reclaim our first estates.

Abated was the still small voice.
We prayed in fear not aware of our choice. 
There's got to be more, we said with one voice,
To the meaning of our existence!

Then led on sojourns to more and more light;
Our search for more truth was a constant fight.
Pleasures on earth would distract and delight;
But our quest for more truth was sustained.

At last new thoughts began to fill,
The minds of those persisting still,
Alignments formed to sound God's will,
Our home up above was revealed!

In the long of time through the Ages, by Grace, 
Ascended again we beheld His face;
Real was the Love we all had embraced;
Sweet was the joy of our dance!

For no longer held in the bite of wrong,
We had risen up from the massive throng.
Freed spirits released with new clothes put on:
The whitened robes of victory!

Now with rhythms of praise perpetually rising;
There is joy in all our synchronizing.
And from Love's free flow, oh, so energizing,
Come holy streams of blessings!

So in realms of pure spirit we hum and spin,
Weaving up and down, then out and in;
In vibrations of glories we gather to sing,
In the spinnings of our dance!   

In the spinnings of our dance, entwined,         
Are successions of sharing mind to mind;    
Eternally one, in Love's Fire Divine.      
Sweet is the overcomer's dance! 
Yes, sweet is the overcomer's dance!

~ The upright of the LORD.
~ Born again from above. 
~ Together living out our individual identities of Soulship connection with the most high God the ELOAH I-AM, and the everlasting Father Jesus Christ Jahvael (God of gods). 
~ For Love's sake willing to go out again from the First Domain (the Heaven of heavens), on missions, if sent.
~ Hallelujah! 
~ Blessed be the Name of God!

December 2015

Deep Root
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  • Karren Palmer (Liberty's Serenity)

    Karren Palmer (Liberty's Serenity)

    22 December 2015 pm31 13:25 |

    I can now follow the expressions of this poem with ease. Understandings bring not only joy, but a stake driven deep to return to for reinforcing my knowing and encouragement for this time living our my life!!!! Thank you Erwin.


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