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Its always heart-warming to read of the awesome roles that mothers play among us.

Thank the LORD for the very high life-excellerating force of Love that we are graced with through mothers and fathers here on earth!

When my mother died in 2001 she, by her living, passed on a bold looking banner for all her children to hold high – JESUS IS ALL-SUFFICIENT: exampled, for instance, by her heroic stand as an 8 year old student in the former Soviet Union.

Growing sick of the incessant reiteration of the teachers of this atheistic regime, that there was no God, she had enough one day and this little school girl sprang to her feet and said, “Teacher you are wrong! There is a God. I know Him in my heart!” Psalm 34:5 describes my mother; “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are NEVER covered with shame.”

When I was 49 years old my Dad died (in 2003). At the news of his passing the little boy in me came to the forefront, and as a grown man I felt orphaned. For the first time in my life I had no Mom and Dad. Loneliness felt so real that evening as I lay in bed. Then I heard a voice within, “I’ll be your Father”. I knew it was my heavenly Father. Since that time I have felt so close to Him!

I just want to be with Him….. And I thank him so much for my Dad, who died with his dignity in tact, with his positive faith attitude in tact, and his faithfulness to my mother in tact; and his faithfulness to the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ as his hallmark!

What vibration of love is this that mothers and fathers on earth nurture there offspring with? I believe, in ALL mothers and fathers this natural instinct is none other than the Spiriting of the Infinite Love. How awesome are these roles given to mankind! The beautiful stories are endless.

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