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Let the surge of Your engeries run through my veins;
Let me feel the Ah-Ah of Your spirit.

Let the murky waters run clear, and the spirits fly high.

O’ lovely crescent moon, how You bright up the night and shimmer crystal dots into our eyes. My glows are from the aura of Your divine breath. The blossoms of Your Tree swirl around my feet. You have set up marble stones upon the waters for us to cross. We must hop to each stone.

If we fall, You will have a trampoline made out of angel feathers to bounce us back into action. O’ Sweet Little Bluebird, come sing to me of a love dream that as You sit on my shoulder, I will sing with You.

Let the rainbow waters radiant my face in golden glows of light. Yah, You are the one that helps me write in golden ink; for You are the gold that sparks in life this treasure of splendors.

We all have glowing lights, each one having different designs, as they pour out of our faces. We are Yahvael’s gems placed upon Yah’s wings of Love

Angel Whispers
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