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Yahveal, I pray for those eyes who seek to find You, that they will find You. Please, O' God, expand Your wings of Love like a wave, so that they may cover the empty spots that may dwell inside a person who has experienced many hardships in their lives. Let their hearts be filled with the your pre-kissed angel tears as a vapor that heals the wound that no medicine on Earth could take care of.

Love is a drop of water that brings the seeds of Life to grow as fruitful as trees. You are the Doves that come to sit at the rim of my window, peeking inside to point me in the right direction. You have uplifted me in so many ways, I don't even know how to begin to thank You. I am Your servant, O' God; and I shall always be.

You are the Greatest God anyone could ever have, You take in all our dreams and cuddle them in Your arms, even little thoughts we have pondered on, and turn them into reality if that is Your will. You shelter us like a tent when it is cold and rainy outside and the pain is too much bear. The whole world has been clouded with so many delusions, O' God; but surely You know this.

I believe that it will come to pass when the unhealthful views will be shaken up and dissolved into thin air, no longer clumped into knots that don't resolve into a solution. Your Word will enliven the Souls that need to sleep in peace, We are but still children learning how to walk; yet when we fall You cradle us and say, "Hush now, My child, I AM with you."  If we live and breathe in Your Grace, surely we will be filled with wholesome, pleasant thoughts that orchestrate throughout our beings.

I reach for You; I shall never let go.  You have made a path to Your Light, and I will trust you all the way through. I Love you. Selah!

Angel Whispers

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