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Inside I'm weeping; the power still deepening
Of the Father's Love for all!

I'm alive in the knowing, though weaknesses showing;
The sting of death is gone!

We will be the evidence; in God I have the confidence,
That giving, not taking, has won!

And no room will be found, for the lies of that hound;
When this old earth and sky fold up!

Oh Father eternal, trustworthy and strong, I may not know what I should do.
The world seems so strong; I'm oft in the wrong, when truth to my friends should show through.

I'm held to your chest, through Jesus I'm blessed; I tremble with joy at your waiting.
To welcome those home who'll yet choose you alone, as their fortress of eternal safety.

And so like your Son, may all please you as one; united your truth we so crave.
May it always be there, when your great Love we share: then others can know and be saved!

Yes truth we do choose – Devil you loose - your selfishness all in taters!
For the Father of Lights has exposed your dark night; we now know better what matters!

Our Father in Heaven portrayed as he is, is not a person to run from.
All young and old, can join in his fold, no matter where they come from.

Sin is our problem; God's gift is not death! His heart is to still the dark voices.
He is holding at bay, the inherent sway, of damnation, brought on by our choices!

So turn to the Father: oh why would you rather, stay in your fatal condition?
While there's still time, healing you'll find, in Jesus the source of salvation!

No, God is not selfish – He needs no appeasement! His justice well makes his Love shine;
In curing and healing, restoring mankind, back into his perfect design.

Deep Root
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