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Yahvael, Yahweh Elohiym, let my Love heart beat to the tunes of the angelic breaths of Your Glory. Let it rain in me like an an eternal fire of sunlight that beams on my face until my pores shout with glee. O' Father, surely you can spin this mix of colors with Your words of Divine Life on the ends of my fingers as I stroke the keys of Your keyboard that has made the angels swoo like dazzling shooting stars.

You are the Key that unlocks the door of Time and with Your hands can swoop Time like it is a ballad.  You can blow Your Holy Kisses to make the clocks slide into another spot for another time and another chance. I ask with a humble heart that You will scoop me into Your arms and hold me forevermore, for Your wings are softer than any pillow that I could ever rest my head upon. Sweet Angel of the Father of Lights, please come kiss with Your Breath of Life all the dreams of which I have dreamt so that they may be as sparkling diamonds in the ruby skies. I will bend like a leaf to snuggle close to Your cheek so that I might forever feel Your peacefulness that calms my spirit. I Love you! Selah!

Angel Whispers

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